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Thread: Pillow Fight!!

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    Pillow Fight!!

    Hi everyone,

    This is something I have always remember from a forum I was on some time ago and wanted to share it.
    I know it's silly but I hope it can provide some fun and some laughs.

    *leaves a large pile of pillows at the door and scurries into a tree with pillow in paw.*

    Pillows at the door. Now let the feathers fly! >:3
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    -grabs pillow an aims at tree but misses by a mile, ducks for cover underneath the pile of fluffy warm pillows-


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    -takes aim at the pile of pillows and throws *bonk* It's a hit but did nothing.-
    It would appear the pile of pillows is immune to pillows.

    -snaps a branch of the tree and pokes the pillows making them fall off the pile-
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