It's been a few months, but I wanted to revive this board just to ask a question or two in thoughts that this would be a convenient place to ask ^_^ I've been considering buying my first doll, a ZuZu Delf Frise for the past few months now but just had a quick question before going through with it since I couldn't really find the info anywhere else!

Although I'm fairly confident in my artistic abilities, I'll most likely end up getting the company face up when I get it sent to me for ease of use early on, but I was wondering: how long is "safe" to leave a faceup on a doll before cleaning / redoing it? Will it begin to fade over time, how long will that take to happen? Although the resin is sealed beforehand, can a faceup still stain if left on for too long? Is there a recommended sort of time span for faceups / when does regular touchup need done?