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    Feral/Anthro YCH Story Auctions

    WARNING! The following material may contain implicit sexual material and references intended for Mature Audiences Only. If you are uncomfortable with reading such things, please hit your backspace key as fast and hard as you can and GET TO THE CHOPPAH!

    YCH AUCTION Nr. 1: The Dystopian Compound

    NOTE: Everything you read is a sketch. Once the auction ends and the winner is decided, the story will be enriched with the details they provide, as well as changed to suit their preferences.

    Type of setting:
    Dystopian setting in the near future. Every city is managed through an automatic surveillance system which studies every existing person through certain implants on their wrists. The core of the surveillance system is an AI meant to maintain the welfare of the city, study its residents, help them understand their purpose etc.

    The characters involved: All of the characters in this work are anthropomorphic. The protagonist is your character, followed by his/her Second in command, the Squad leader of another group(see option 2), various other characters(see option 3).

    What you can choose as the winner: The species of all the characters in the story(I can fill out the blanks with your leave), their gender, the kinks and whatever sexual encounters you expect from this story. Last but not least, you get to pick the direction which the story takes.

    The plot: In the city where your character lives, the individuals are grouped into squads based on their species. Your character is the leader of his/her specific squad, and is in a very good relationship with his/her Second in command. The main problem that your character's city faces is infertility. As a result, most of the population has been bred out of sexual impulses and anything that refers to sexuality and forming bonds.

    Your character and his/her Second are the exception. They know about their sexuality, they have a basic understanding of it and have never really tried anything more than brief touches because of how strictly they are supervised. Individuals that are still sexually active are very rare and considered offenders, so your character and the Second have had to be very careful not be discovered.

    However, at one point, the Second gets rather horny and your character takes him/her aside into the only place where they have a few moments of privacy--the bathroom. Since the surveillance system only gives its denizens 10 minutes of bathroom time before it alerts the police force, your character and the Second have to finish fast. Choose the preferred action:

    1) Your character understands how frustrated the Second is with his/her sexuality and decides to pleasure him/her first in the ways you desire.(straight sex, blowjob, handjob etc.) while the running water of the shower masks their bliss.

    2)Your character wants to go first, and the Second takes the initiative to pleasure your character in the ways you desire. (straight sex, blowjob, handjob etc.)

    The intimate moment lasts very short, as none of the two characters can last the overwhelming pleasure. They cum very hard and very fast, and there's only a few minutes left to wipe themselves and get out before everything goes wrong. To make it worse, the janitor heard the climactic moans and comes to check what's going on. Your character and the Second act cool and normal, but the janitor keeps worrying that one of them hurt themselves and suggests them to go to the medical bay. When they refuse, the janitor calls in guards.

    They arrive in the span of mere minutes to do body checks on the two to check for injuries and signs of physical trauma. The Second offers to get checked up first, the guards discover body fluids and signs of arousal on the Second's underwear and take him/her to the headquarters for processing.

    Your character knows the Second accepted to get checked up first so that he/she gets taken, and plans to rescue him/her through one of the following means:

    1) The Second was taken to the research facility for detailed examination. Your character knows he/she has about two days before the technicians get their results and execute the Second, who showed clear signs of arousal and is considered an offender. To that extent, your character gathers up his most loyal followers from his squad, uses them to shut down the research facility, rescue the Second and escape the city together.

    2) The Second displayed signs of sexual activity, which is one of the most significant threats to a society bred for perfection and not influenced by a faulty reproduction mechanism. He/she will be executed tonight and the local enforcers will sweep the city for traces of other similar offenders. Your character doesn't have the time nor luxury to use his own squad to break into the prison, so he reaches out to another squad(Of a species of your choosing) for help. The leader of that squad is a specialist at smuggling offenders out of the prison, and accepts to aid your character in return for some steamy romance once it's all done(He/She is also sexually active, just like your character and the Second).

    3) The Second was sentenced to spend the rest of his/her days in a camp of mixed species with various offenders. Your character is sent to the same place a day after, and even though all your character wants is to find the Second and escape this place, he/she has no luck in doing so. The first days are the hardest, because there are various delinquents which will take advantage of your character sexually or ask to be pleasured. Your character goes through every trial set before him/her, if only to survive another day and find his/her beloved Second. Time passes, and the inmates get rather friendly and begin to respect your character. Later on, your character finds out that the Second didn't survive this place, and resigns to spending his days in this camp, indulging in any sexual pleasures it offers.

    Depending on the option you pick, there are three different endings:

    1) This ending goes with the first option. Your character manages to rescue the Second from the research facility, they find a safe place to spend the night and go through a thorough sexual experience while your character's squad keeps watch for patrols.

    2) This ending goes with the second option. The third party your character reaches to manages to rescue the Second, but he joins your character and the Second while they escape and expects your character to uphold his end of the bargain. Your character, together with the Second and this other Squad leader, will have a threesome, two of them can go at it while the third watches. The pairing is up to you, meaning that, if you choose option 2, you get to choose who participates in the sexual affairs.

    3) For the third option, there is not a clear ending. It has high customization possibilities already, and, should you choose this option, we'll discuss it at greater length to make sure it matches your expectations.

    The story starts at 70 euro for a base amount of 7.000 words. For every 13 euro, the length increases by 1.000 words, up to the final amount. Also, based on the current bid, the following milestones will be taken into account.


    90 euro --> One additional sex scene added to whatever ending you pick

    130 euro --> Two additional sex scenes added to whatever ending you pick

    150 euro --> Three additional sex scenes added to whatever ending you pick, spread along a few days to emphasize the sexual tension between your character and his/her partners. It will also include erotic displays, tantalizing touches, lengthier foreplay before your character gets to the bottom of it.

    The auction starts as of now, 30 november 2014, and ends on 2nd of january 2015. Bid in increments of five to keep it tidy(such as 70,75,80, 85 and so on)

    Got questions? Ask them in a different reply than the one destined for bids.


    YCH Auction Nr 2: Feral Negotiations

    And here's another one for the feral lovers. I was on an idea spree today, and came up with something deliciously naughty for those who prefer the fluffy touch of a feral over the educated handshake of a civilized anthro. This story features everything you can expect from a feral story: beastly humor, instinct driven combat, and lots and lots of love.

    Bid away, and may the naughtiest of you win this little gem!

    NOTE: Everything you read is a sketch. Once the auction ends and the winner is decided, the story will be enriched with the details they provide, as well as changed to suit their preferences.

    Type of setting: The rolling plains of a random planet.

    The characters involved:
    Your character can be either anthropomorphic, feral, or human. His/her companion MUST be a sentient feral that can talk.

    What you can choose as the winner:
    The species of all the ferals in the story,(I can fill out the blanks with your leave), their gender, the kinks and whatever sexual encounters you expect from this story. Last but not least, you get to pick the direction which the story takes.

    The plot: Your character and the feral companion of your choice argue about their eventual capture on the way to the bandit clan they were supposed to infiltrate. After negotiations fail, as expected, your character and the feral are captured. They are offered the chance to parlay:

    1) Your character, being the badass he/she is, doesnít need help from an animal. He goes in to talk to the big boss himself, confident he can pull off a trade. His secret? Betray the republic and becoming an outlaw just to make it out alive

    2) Your character acknowledges the instinctual intuition of his/her feral companion and allows the beastie to do the talking. The boss gets insulted at having an animal appear before him, least one with a big mouth and nothing to show for.

    Since talk became a sour option, the feral companion offers a valuable distraction for your character to exploit. You both make out of the bandit camp by the skin of your teeth by:

    1.) Beating the outlaws at their own game.
    You are obviously more skilled than a ragtag group of bandits at your side, and with a witty feral companion by your side, the odds seem in your favor. You fight, incapacitate or slay everyone who comes at you!

    2.) Fleeing is sometimes the better option.
    Your character makes a run for it and follows the feral as he/she finds the quickest way towards safety.

    In both cases, you steal a vehicle and drive off in a mad dash. With the bandits behind you and the republicís ire at your faulty negotiation tactics, there are few viable options remaining. Your companion keeps prattling about his species and the safe haven they can offer, and your character eventually agrees with that choice. That is before the engine blows off and leave you both stranded in the wilderness.

    Tired and aching, you continue the journey on foot and rest several times to catch your breath. The moment of clarity allows you to:

    1.) Realize what went wrong and make up with your feral companion. If you choose this option, the night will be a lot warmer for you. Your character and his/her feral companion will literally lick their wounds and find a measure of pleasure in this dark and unfortunate situation.

    2.) Think on how good everything went without your companionís untimely intervention during the negotiations. You play the blame game and eventually get nowhere. The rift between your character and his feral companion expands, and the looming night is cold and bitter until the feral takes the initiative. He/she pleasures him/herself in front of you, caring not one bit for who is watching.

    The heated display gets you all aroused, and you cannot help your rising urges. You will pleasure yourself just like the feral, only that youíll make the bigger mess. An agreement is made between the two of you, and you clean and taste each otherís fluids and genitalia before going to sleep.

    The morning seems promising, especially with something in your belly. Your feral companion shares their prey with you, to mend previous wounds (if you chose option 2) or to further impress you (if you chose option 1).

    In both cases, your character develops further appreciation towards the feral, and you both continue your journey towards his/her pack, talking about a wide array of topics:

    1.) Keep it fluffy!
    There are many attractive things about your feral companion aside from their striking good looks. Your character will subtly point those out and turn the topic towards heated debates, including mating and pleasuring. Once night falls, talk becomes a reality, and your character sets out to test the feralís theories (smut/pleasuring scenes of your choosing, including penetration/mating!)

    2.) Keep it casual.
    Your companion might have earned your benevolence, but a meal does not buy forgiveness. You talk about further plans and shy away from apologies. Bitterness is a hard pill to swallow, and both of you agree that pleasure beats sulking over. You make a deal with your feral companion in how to turn this pleasure into something more feasible (One fellatio/paw/masturbation scene for your character and one for the feral. This wonít include penetration unlike option nr 1, as you have yet to build enough trust with your partner)

    On the third day, you finally arrive at the feral settlement. You are welcomed amongst the pack, but not yet fully trusted. Depending on the choices you made, there are two ways to end this story:

    1) Your newly formed bond speaks louder than words. Your feral companion will show you around the camp and express his/her intention to be your mate through no uncertain means. You will be led multiple times away from prying ways and shown many pleasures by your loving mate.

    2) Itís payback time! Surrounded by all manners imposing ferals, it is not hard for you to realize the balance of power shifted. Your feral companion will pull the strings from now on, putting you through all manner of initiation rituals, some of which do not shy away from the spilling of fluids.(We will decide upon the specifications of these rituals once you win the story. They can get as pervy and difficult as you want them to be, not limited to mounting, penetration, rape, bukkake, humiliation and so on).

    You may choose if your character passes the tests or not.

    2 A) If you choose yes, the final trial is a test of strength. You will be pitted against your feral companion and have to penetrate him before the eyes of his pack

    2 B) If you choose no, your feral companion will simply lose his/her interest in you. You are simply too different, and it is not worth pursuing the impossible.

    Your character will be kicked out of the pack, forced to wander off with only the warm remembrance of the many pleasurable moments from the trials heating his/her shivering form.

    The story starts at 10.000 words for a base amount of 100 euros.

    Milestones: For every 13 euros, The storyís length increases by 1000 words. More space allows me better development over the plot, and most importantly, length and diversity of the smut scenes.

    130 euro --> Sex/pleasuring scenes will be better developed than in their basic format.

    170 euro -->One extra sex scene of your choice, OR developing the others more

    230 euro --> More sex scenes than you can handle. Weíll roast this story until juices start dripping.

    The auction starts as of now, 30 november 2014, and ends on 2nd of january 2015. Bid in increments of five to keep it tidy(such as 100, 105, 110, 115, and so on)

    Got questions? Ask them in a different reply than the one destined for bids.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you are interested in bidding, please poke me and I will send you the link for my main journal. I am pretty new on this site and I doubt I'll catch interest with my first post xP

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    ~2 weeks left of both auctions! Poke the kitty if you want your character to be the star of an amazing story!



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