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    [Site Problem] Using the Reply button doesn't work?

    Greetings Weasyl team and fellow users.

    Although I'm technically still "new" to this site as well as the forums, I've noticed something odd about the main site. While I do love browsing through the many pictures here, I like to comment on those I feel need to be commented on. Now here's the tricky thing. After I receive a reply from the uploader/artist, I head back to reply to their comment. Weird thing is, it doesn't work. Instead the button throws the window up, causing me to be confused and have to scroll down.

    At first I thought it was a glitch. So I tried again. Hitting the Reply button/link, it again threw my scroll bar up until I was at the top of the window. Clearly this was a glitch so I moved on. Over the past few days, well really since I joined, it has become a problem. Some replies go through, meaning the reply box appears allowing me to reply directly to the user's comment. At the same time, I could go to a different comment only to be thrown to the top of the window.

    Today I tried commenting and the reply box appeared. Has it been fixed? I don't know. I've only had one comment to try it on so I don't know for sure. Could you fix this please?

    (p.s. I understand that Weasyl is still in Beta so I'm not holding it against you. I just find it really annoying to be thrown to the top of the screen.)

    - - - Updated - - -

    After seeing that most of the info I provided is good, I'm missing a few tiny details. So I'll go ahead and post them. I use two different browsers for all sites. At times I'll use IE, but only if I have to. I myself use Firefox. (not because it's furry, it's just a better browser imho.) Both of these browsers are fully up to date in all aspects.

    Because I was having problems with replying, I logged off Firefox and logged in using IE. The same issue happened. So clearly it wasn't a problem with the browsers. It just baffles me.

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    Hi there,

    If you're being bumped up to the top of the page, it sounds like there's a Javascript issue there.

    It's possible there was a temporary issue, or a script or extension was blocking Weasyl's script from loading on your end.

    You said you're no longer experiencing this issue, though?

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    Terribly sorry for the late reply. It was only until recently, I'd say two weeks, that the problems stopped. Replying now works for both FX and IE. I haven't had any trouble lately and things seem to be fixed now.

    - - - Updated - - -

    12/20/2014 update

    As I've been wandering back and forth from sites, it looks like the replying problem has been fixed! At least for the past two weeks. During that time I haven't had any issues with replying or commenting on the main site. Two weeks clean and no sign of trouble. Many thanks to the Weasyl team for fixing it. ^^



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