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    [COMMISSION: Hiring] Icon/Avatar, Logo, Banner, Wallpaper, and More!

    Alright so I'm looking to spruce up my business website and my stream with some new art. I've already have a concept drawn up and ready to go I'd just like it stylized and reproduced in a multitude of mediums and ready to go for potential merchandise. Here is the logo I created and would like to be stylized. CLICK!

    Spending Limit: $200
    I am willing to spend more if a bi-weekly payment option is alright with the artist.

    Here's a list of what I'm looking to have produced:
    Icons/Avatars - Ranging from 200x200 to 50x50 in size for various sites and my computer
    Logo, Banner(s), Overlay, Online/Offline - The sizes can be provided, they will be for my Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook
    Wallpaper(s) - I have a multi-monitor setup at the moment so the size is 3840x1080 but I'd like to get a range of sizes in case I get larger monitors (or more)
    Pixel/Digital Art - Looking to get some more art of my fursona and even some personal portraits of myself, I'm also looking to finish my fursonas reference sheet

    I may or may not come up with more I'd like to commission as I talk more with my chosen artist so long as the artist is willing and able to produce what I'm looking for. I don't know too many artists who do this so that's why I'm here looking, I'm willing to take suggestions on who I can ask or links to galleries. I'm mainly looking for cartoony and cute styles for my logos and such, and for my personal things I'm looking for styles along the lines of EnjoiPandas and Jotaku (I'd commission either of them if they were open), as far as reference goes someone was making me one for free as a gift but had IRL issues and had to stop at the sketch phase so if anyone could reproduce something of similar style and quality I'd love to see examples of your work/gallery! Here's what she made for my reference.

    Feel free to leave a message, PM, or Note on FA/Weasyl. I'll try my best to keep an eye out here, I'll be getting paid this thursday and next week so money isn't and issue, throw me your estimates and price sheets along with your galleries!
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    I've left a message

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    I've replied to your PM, but I'd like to see if anyone else is interested! Updating the OP.

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    I'd love to do some artwork of your fursona!
    My gallery can be found here, along with the prices:
    My terms of service is over here for your reference, should you hire me to do some artwork:
    I'm pretty sure I could do a snazzy logo for you too, which would fall under the $30 range.

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    I'd love to commission you along side this, but I'm looking for a different style for what I'm looking for out of this project.

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    Closing the thread as I've found what I was looking for!



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