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    man your paint studies are so pretty, really love the fluidity in your artwork! <3 You sir are quite the inspiration, Does doing those pose gesture things really help get your artwork into a more fluid/non-stiff like state? I know I have always had that problem, and not sure how to get out of that funk...great work so far~!
    Thanks . I can't really talk about improvement because I've been doing this figure drawing only for couple weeks now but I firmly believe that it WILL improve the composition, emotion, proportions and just about everything that goes into any character drawing.

    I believe that if I do these regularly, as practice, I am bound to get better. Most of my drawings start from doing several or maybe even dozen of these figure drawings. It not only gives me ideas when I'm are struggling with what to draw but it also inspires me and makes me want to work on the piece and not just outright abandon it.

    So yes. I say it does help me make more realistic, interesting, more vivid and less stiff characters. And why I do this from real life is because it is the only place where you can get enough references! That's how we all learn drawing afterall, drawing from reference. Reference can be imagination too but it can be really hard to imagine what looks right if artist simply doesn't know what looks right. Nobody is born with that kind of knowledge.

    But it's gonna take a lot of work. Literally thousands, tens of thousands of poses. So I'm gonna keep doing it and see if it takes me anywhere.

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    Oh gosh, I adore your traditional work! I'd love to see more. :3 -pets them-

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    That Gary Oldman painting is great! All the sketches are pretty sweet too, but I'm totally a sucker for digital, so I like the last two pages the best.

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    Your sketches are gorgeous! You're excellent at anatomy, poses, and colors. I love the cat and the owl especially, and the drawing of Vinnie you posted a little while ago.

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    I really like your work and your attitude towards growing as an artist, it's good to find another kindred spirit in that regard.



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