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    I voted blue in a red state.
    You can probably guess how that went.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuvvums View Post
    I voted blue in a red state.
    You can probably guess how that went.
    I live in Alberta, so I have a pretty good idea. The province has been run by the Progressive Conservative Party since 1971. I still vote anyhow. I know people who are a lot more leftist than I am who will get themselves a PC Party membership whenever the party has a leadership convention. Even if they're stuck with a Conservative government, they can at least have a say in the kind of Conservatives they have.

    Even if your preferred candidate doesn't get in office, it's still a worthwhile exercise, because you're still sending a message, and sometimes the ruling party listens. The health care system that we Canadians like to be so smug about was originally the brainchild of a far left party that has still never gotten into power, but had been gaining seats here and there over the years. The ruling Liberal ended up adopting the idea to steal votes back.

    So yes, voting counts, even when you think it doesn't.

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    Yeah, I know. The last count I saw between one of the candidates I voted for was 60 votes. I was also miffed that the republican party seems to resort to spam mail so I did my research on some candidates but overall I did a spite vote because I did not like having to get 3-5 letters a day for 2 weeks which were badly photoshopped, alarmist propaganda.



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