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    I, personally, just get lazy sometimes and don't always do it OTL I know, terrible etiquette, but I think sites like Tumblr have us all spoiled.
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    In my personal opinion, separating tags with spaces is a bad idea, because:
    1. It is semantically incorrect. Spaces are not separators [for separating items], commas are.
    2. According to grammar in English and most languages, lists are to be separated with commas.
    3. It doesn't match straightforward general thinking: The majority of people, if they are writing a list in one line (as opposed to one item per line) they will use commas.
    4. Commas are more comfortable to type than underscores

    Because of the above not only does it make more sense to use commas, but it IMO it is much easier to make the mistake of a missing underscore than a missing comma.

    And in the end there will always be people who are not tech savvy enough, too tired, too young/old or simply too stupid to do it right, regardless of which one you use, so I believe there is no reason not to change to commas.

    + BONUS: It would be simple enough to do a check, and if the string contains spaces but no commas, throw the user a little message, like: "It seems like you used spaces to separate your tags. Please use commas for separating tags, spaces will result in multi-word tags instead."

    P.s.: Multi word tags are still important though. For example, "winged unicorn" has a different meaning than its two words alone.
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