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    In the past I chose a cabbit but I eventually changed my forum name and persona character. I really like monster girls and something just really clicked with going for a spider woman c:

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    I really couldn't choose just one so I made up my own! :3

    I made a race called Infinites that can have any number of features as well as multiple sets of wings.

    My favorite animals are birds but I really do love rabbits and foxes too, so I just jumbled them all together!

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    Nov 2012
    I originally had a wolf-fox as my fursona for no other reason that when I drew her she looked like she fit what I was looking for.

    I've always liked mixed breed dogs and felt like they represented me well as a person who draws experience, skills and personality from everyone and carries it with them wherever they go.

    About 6 months later, about a month ago I decided to draw up a new character which represents me better, which is my new fursona, a Husky-bat, named Carbyn Copy.
    She's got half wings hanging off the forearms, a shorter snout than a full canine, a bigger nose and larger ears, but an overall canine form. She's black, neon green, neon purple, neon blue and white. The colors have no real representation that I have figured out yet, as much as they are what came to me to use when I was putting together the character.

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    Squirrels are my favourite animal, so I chose it as my animal.

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    I have flip-flopped between several fursonas for the last five years, which I guess is fitting because I really have changed a lot in the last five years. I started out as a Matschies Tree Kangaroo, then a Hedgehog, and finally my girlfriend suggested a badger, since I tend to be a bit stubborn and solemn when I'm on my own, and because I love digging and gardening so much.

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    Second Life, that's where the blame lies. I picked up my Wolf fursona from a box and edited it, though I do have my original Lucario fursona and I'm trying to re-incorporate it back into my furry side. :3

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    Because the tiger is my zodiac animal, but I wanted to differentiate my character from others so I decided to hybridize it.

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    I think I'm settling with a lynx-like character for now. I started thinking about cats in general due to similarities in personality, then decided on a lynx because they're fluffy and I'M FLUFFY

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    I chose human because I am one :vc

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    I haven't chosen one yet, but I'm leaning towards Coyote. I have no real good reason for it, I just really like them and I feel that I can identify with them a bit.



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