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    Depressed? No, I wouldn't call it depressed, or at least not generally. Demotivated is more like it. There will be times that I'll have written 100 pages of something, write myself into a corner (even with an outline), or realize my idea that once sounded really great in my head now sounds just as stupid in my head as it does on paper, and I wonder just what in the world I'm doing and how will it ever be fixed?

    And then there's the matter of no one looking at what I write. Well, that's not entirely true. I know at least two people see it. All these hours and hours of work and for what? No feedback at all. I don't even care if you hated it, as long as you'll tell me something about it! And I'd much rather you do that than say, "I love it, post more!" Which all that does is make me want to reach through the monitor and strangle you.

    Then, I remind myself that I'm not doing it for the views, even though views are nice. I write what I write because I enjoy what I'm writing.

    And yes, I know this is art, not writing, but authors are artists too (of a sort), and it's still valid!
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    Yeah I do get depressed once in awhile, I currently have my art on 6 different websites. Twitter being my most productive place.Despite the fact Twitter compresses the images allot :/ all of my commissions have come from there. I'd suggest to advertise there and and just use Deviant Art as a place wher people can download your art in a good hd file.

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    I'm with Levi, I would call it demotivated rather than depressed.

    And personally, I have my good days and bad days. For the most part i've been pretty alright with my work. The only thing I sometimes get a lil' unsure over my simplistic/cartoony style (rather, how people perceive it). But for the most part i'm fairly comfortable with it at this point.

    The big thing is, recently, even if I think something looks like shit or whatever I will just continue working on it, seeing if i'll figure out something new.

    I may not like it but each work isn't going to be perfect and sometimes you just need to go through and finish something.

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    tons of ppl feel that way but the thing to remember is that u shouldnt give up

    and i mean that in a "post ur art everywhere" kinda way

    i have had a lot of ppl ask me how so many ppl know of me and honestly its bcuz ive put my work on tons of artsites and even have put it on forums

    i guess some would call this networking since i chat w a lot of ppl as well
    but if u feel as tho ur art isnt gettin the recognition it deserves all i can say is to put it up on lots of places and just be patient
    it takes yrs and yrs of this kinda networking to gain a rather large following

    and on the subject of feeling depressed about my work id say i get like that sometimes but depressed is definitely not the word id use
    like malevolentmask said its more feeling unmotivated or like my work is stagnant

    but what artist doesnt go through things like that
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    It is understandable, that it feels discouraging if nobody notices your art even though you put a lot of effort into it.
    I think most of us went through the same stage as an improving artist. Even those you think are really successfull started out as unknown artists, struggling to get their art out.

    I have a rather large audience but considering how long I've been active online, it's not much at all.
    The reason is that most artists (I include myself) don't advertise.
    Some people may think, that advertising is attention whoring but it is not.
    As an illustration student, my professors tell us to advertise and to have an online appearance. There are so many good artists out there, so you have to ask yourself: Why should people bother finding you?
    Well they shouldn't. You really have to go find them :'D

    Here is some advice for you to get your art out:
    - produce quality art (this is mandatory)
    - be active and interact with your watchers/ followers
    - post often but don't spam (2-3 pieces a week is a good amount)
    - give advice when you can, but don't overdo it
    - make tutorials if you have knowledge to share
    - stay positive and be patient ;)

    There are other ways like doing Fanart and stuff, but in my opinion it is better to create art YOU want and not what others want.
    I do draw fanart every now and then, but I don't primarily do it :)
    And remember, all the tips are useless if you don't produce quality art. So practice, practice, practice ;)

    Hope it helps a little!

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    Hmm... I get discouraged at times from lack of response when I put art out, but honestly it bothers me only a little. What really gets me worked up and then down-and-out for a while is myself. I'm always jumping around on projects. Always new ideas and so many cool things I can make. But I spread myself too thin and don't get any crap done. Then I get a huge backlog of unfinished things which I tell myself I'll go back and finish, but they just sit there. I have a bad habit of biting off more than I can chew.
    So my main depressant is just feeling like I'll never finish anything.

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    The only time I get depressed about art is when I don't receive de-constructive criticism. I had a professor that would point out everything wrong with my piece, but doesn't show me how I can fix it and then calls it a piece of crap. I didn't see any improvements in art until I quit his class and instead went to other students and professors for critique.

    I didn't care if my art was noticed or not. The only thing that mattered was that I saw improvements and I enjoy my own art. I think that attitude will help a lot of artists with situations like this. If you're creating art for others, but it isn't getting noticed I can understand that, but why don't you start making art for yourself? Just a suggestion to get you out of this funk.

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    Some times I get a little down when I think about how I might be missing out on something for doing traditional art. I've tried going digital, but... it just feels too weird. I feel like I'm just not "connected" to my piece as much. But then I start thinking "no one will notice my art because it's traditional" but then I think "I don't want to have to switch to something different just be seen" and then I think, "you know, even if it's digital, that doesn't mean anyone will see it then either." So, I sort of talked my way out of it. It also helps to follow people who do amazing (traditional) art themselves. It reminds me I'm not alone in trying to make this all work.

    I used to think that I was deserving of views and favorites JUST because I thought I was deserving of views and favorites (Yep, I was jerk in college). It took "looking into a mirror" so to speak to realize, "You now, you're a jerk and you're not really having fun with this anymore" and I had to back off for a while and reassess things. It can still be hard to be virtually unknown, but I realized, the people who are known have been working at this for YEARS and have been posting ALL OVER THE PLACE. THIS. TAKES. TIME. It's a hard lesson to remember, but it's a much needed one.

    So, yeah, when you get down, just remember why you're doing this, remember it takes time to reach that status you want, it takes time to get better at what you do. Everything takes time and over time you'll notice you're getting better, your views may be increasing a bit, you may get a new follower or two. Just keep drawing what you love. People will see that and some of them will join you for the ride.
    No matter what happens, I will have always produced more visible work on my solo project than Ken Penders has on his in the last five years.

    I write and draw a manga. It's like a backwards comic. Give it shot, bro.

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    I've definitely gotten depressed over my work. Most of my work stays on DeviantART and even there, I hardly have anything (well, I do but not much note-worthy). I've got the few friends on there that comment...even a "cool". But eh, I gotta remind myself to keep pushing forward.

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    Sometimes, but that is only natural.
    As artist we seek to improve, and when we don't quite improve as fast as we like, naturally we feel bad.

    Art is a vicious cycle, but the key is never to give up, and keep pushing yourself.



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