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    Every god damn day? Ha ha ha xD

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    I'd bet even the majority of popular artists that actually care get depressed about their art at times.

    I know Falvie hated that she was stuck in a rut. I think that's part of why she more or less stopped doing commissions.

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    I can vouch not everyone feels that way, one of my buddies cared f-all and just does what he does.

    But recently yeah, its a combination of not being able to get anywhere artjob wise, and having a real life job that seriously sucks. Nighttime factory work, huza.

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    Oh my god I'm a worthless hack, all I want to draw is the most niche shit that nobody but other weirdos even want to see, is this really the legacy I want to leave behind, I'm not even very good at it, I'm a goddamn creative vacuum...

    The despair? Yeah. Yeah, I get that a lot.

    But I dunno, the alternative is not drawing and that doesn't feel very good either. I think we've all got a remnant of that little kid who wants to run up to mom/dad/teacher/whoever and say, "Look what I drew!" and once you're not a little kid anymore, nobody feels obligated to try to encourage you.

    But, y'know, that's okay. Somewhere, there's another drive in you. The drive to do better. That part of you that says, "That hand looks weird, how can I draw it less weird? How do I become better?" No matter how much self-criticism you throw at yourself, or how much apathy you find in your audience right now, there's gotta be that little flame underneath it all that's urging you on. Because the thought of quitting is intolerable.

    And building up an audience base is, itself, a lot of work. Producing regular work, crossposting it to different sites, networking, networking, more networking, advertising yourself... I've seen stunning artists with a relatively small audience, and pretty good (but not necessarily as good as the stunning folks) artists who have a massive audience just because they've been social and active for so long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noxid View Post
    A friend of mine swears that "The pieces you put the most work into are the ones people pay the least attention to"
    that's why I dont put any work into anything [nah I try a lot actually]

    but, it's the ones I put the most work into that *I* feel the most happy from, so it's not all bad.
    Man. I had an experience once, in a college painting class. I spent two weeks on this giant wooden comic thing. I was proud of it. But I was one piece short by the midterm, and I had to have something. So I farted out this fakey science class coloring sheet based on this imaginary alien planet in five minutes, gripped a crayon in my fist like a three-year-old and colored it in two minutes.

    Of course, my professor spent the entire time talking about the damn coloring sheet and how much he loved it. -.- At least he liked it but arrgh.

    There's something to be said about creativity under pressure, I guess.
    Formerly gorgonops. I do art-type stuff.

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    I think most of us have felt depressed our work at one time or another. I tend to feel that way when on smaller art websites, as opposed to something like deviantART where there are so many users that you know SOMEONE will stumble upon your work.

    When I was horrible at drawing in comparison to the present, I drew a lot of fanart. Favorites were through the roof, everyone commented, everyone said I was so awesome. I start making my own stories and artwork with much higher quality, it's like everyone vanishes. That does make me really angry sometimes, since it seems like the only people that can draw original art are so deeply embedded in the community that they're impossible to ignore.

    If you're trying to get attention, you have to post what *they* want and not what YOU want, which is disappointing. People pay attention more to the subject matter (popular fandoms) rather than the quality and technique of artwork, generally. I'm not saying EEEEVERYONE does that, but many still do. I've seen a couple popular artists do this sort of technique, but their stuff lacks soul. Of course, there are exceptions and great cases in which an artist becomes well known for doing what they love!

    You're much better off drawing what makes you happy and do your own thing, because being proud of yourself is way more valuable than being admired by strangers on the Internet. :33

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    I never get depressed about my art, but I do hate individual pieces.
    I will hate a piece once it's finished but 98% of the time that vanishes the moment I start the next one.

    A lot of artists (especially younger/newer ones) get too obsessed with views/favs and getting commissions that it messes them up. Don't care as much about it and you'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TealMoon View Post
    A lot of artists (especially younger/newer ones) get too obsessed with views/favs and getting commissions that it messes them up. Don't care as much about it and you'll be fine.
    Yeah, that was me for a long time. Its a bit poisonous to take your art and compare it to a more experienced, more talented artist. To be dissatisfied because its not "realistic" or "stylish." That its not as clean or colorful as it could be - its easy to work yourself into the slums when you're just hypercritical all the time. Hell, I still fall prey to it from time to time, although recently I've tried to push myself into a more devil-may-care mindset.

    Just do what is most comfortable (consistently) and, in time, what you want will come to you.

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    Well, it's normal to feel depressed sometimes about our art. But you can try to see it as a motivation to get better?

    I mean, I'm kind of old (20), and I browse art sites and keep seeing people much younger then me post some amazing art. Of course, I know that I shouldn't compare to them, but often it's stronger then me. I have been working day and night on my art, and I never see much improvements. I've been feeling lately that I can't evolve more. It's quite depressing. I watch other people's stuff and try to learn from them, never really with much success. I've felt like giving up a few times, and I feel like this is pretty much the last time I give such a huge boost for that.

    I don't know if I should continue or not actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiviniik View Post
    I'm kind of old (20)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiviniik View Post
    Man, I didn't even /start/ until I was 20-or-something

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    Since when is 20 considered old
    That's like, pretty much kiddie age still xP

    Oh yeah - age is also irrelevant.
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