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    Good price for ref sheet commissions? (buyers and sellers opinions wanted :> )

    Howdy howdy

    I'm thinking about taking reference sheet commissions, but I have NO idea what an acceptable price is or what the standard is. I don't really have a sample of what I'd be offering but I do have this sheet I made for one of my OCs, I imagine that the quality of the drawings would be about the same, possibly different layout to make things more appealing for buyers (since I just generally throw things together for my OCs)

    Do you guys have any tips or experiences with ref sheet commissions you can share? Both as buyers and sellers, I just want the scoooop before I dive into it heh. Anything really, if something peeved you about an artist/commissioner I'd be happy to hear about it (so long as we dont point fingers and mention names of course)
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    That's quite good looking. I would pay at least $50 for that. You could probably get away by having that as the base price, for one view, then use options to get a higher price. For example, second view, $5 for a small one, $10 for a normal sized one, etc.

    You could probably put the base price higher, but I'm basing it off what I've encountered with other artists.

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    How long does it take you to do one of these?

    One of the artists I follow has a $200/night goal, and one of her ref sheets takes around half a night to do, so she charges $100 for it.

    Honestly that's the easiest way to figure how much you should be charging for something, without cheating yourself.

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    I typically don't keep track of how long refs take me because when im doing them for myself i do them between projects lol. Something to figure out I suppose!

    These ballpark prices really help me out though, I don't want to underprice myself for something like ref sheets since I know from some of my friends that it can be INCREDIBLY frustrating to get things just right. Would offering a specific number of edits be beneficial? Like maybe no more than 3 without being charged extra?
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    I would say yes, as long as they're small edits. If it's something like forgetting to tell you about a scar or some simple stripes, where penciling them in is a quick 5 minute job, it would definitely be a good idea to give the user a few freebies. For detailed things where you know it'll take a bit to do a small charge depending on how long you think it'll take is a good idea (makes sure the client lists all the key things up front). I had the artist completely redo one of the poses on my ref sheet and she charged me what it would have cost for an individual color commission, which made sense to me because that's basically what I was asking for, but for the same ref I've gone back and had her update all manner of little things and she's done them all for free since they were all minor coloring changes, or one key detail I had explained but she missed.

    Also, pro tip for anyone planning on doing ref sheets: don't shade it. Just about every artist I've seen grabs the colors straight from the actual poses (especially from the biggest area of said color), even when I've got a palette right there with details on what each color is for! Shading it makes it much harder for them to get accurate colors.



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