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    Comic artist wanted.

    Comic artist wanted.
    Involving sonic the hedgehog.
    More information will be provided when i contact you.

    3 page comic coloured.

    8 panel per comic page.

    Don`t have a price limit so let see what people offer.

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    I haven't done comics in a while, but feel free to check out my gallery here on weasyl -, or on FA, at I can do this for $150, that comes out to $6.25 per panel, with 8 panels per page.

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    I'd be willing to draw this comic for you c: I could probably do it for $120 which include all panels to be colored and shaded
    Check out my more updated gallery on my FA here:
    I can do it either digitally or traditionally ^-^
    Message me here or on FA if you're interested
    ~Let your soul run freely through your hand~

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    If youre still looking for someone for your comic I could take a stab at it for $130, have a look at my gallery if youre interested!

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    If you're still looking for people, I'm available for $120. Here is my gallery:

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