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    Wanted: Ref Sheet

    Wanted to see if someone could make up a ref sheet for me from scratch. I want flat color, three poses (front/back/3/4ths), a headshot and a color swatch. No text other than my username. I suppose my budget is up to $100, maybe more if you're REALLY awesome. I'd prefer your style be something Disney-like, or anime. You'll have a bit of leeway in terms of designing her body structure and coloring.

    I'd like you to email me both a high res copy and a low res one when you're finished. I request the right to post it on multiple sites, always with attribution and a link to your site if you wish.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Tiger/cougar hybrid (how could you tell? )
    Height: 5' 6''
    Description: White parts in the same area they would be on a tiger. Striped, but with less stripes than a tiger has. Dark-colored ears and tail tip. Has that dark streak near her cheeks that cougars have on each side of their faces. Digitigrade legs, walks on her tiptoes.
    Color: Whatever you think is an inbetween color between a tiger's pelt and a cougar's. Her stripes and dark patches are a reddish brown shade. Lightish green eyes.
    Clothes: None! Think Bugs Bunny; nude but not showing any "bits." The shape of her breasts is defined but there is nothing indicating nipples. See the characters on this page to see what I mean:

    If I find a person to commission on this site, I'm prepared to give any extra detail you'd need to finish this.

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    Hello there! I'd be interested in doing your reference sheet for you, if you like my style!
    I'm great with felines, they are my favorite subject to draw, and I do tend to work with cartoony and anime type styles.
    For the character views and extras you're looking for, in flat colors, would be $70 through me. I would be showing you the initial sketch of a single pose, then the coloring on it so that you may approve her looks, and then from there I'll continue the rest of the sheet. This is my Terms of Service, in case you wanted to read through it.

    Thank you for consideration!
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    Hello! I'm also interested on making your sheet c: around 50USD would be ok?
    My style is not really cartoonly, but here you can look at my stuff if you are interested

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    I'd be interested in making a ref sheet for you ^_^ For what you want I could do it for $20 c: I can draw in a more cartoony style than what I usually do since that's what you're looking for!
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    I am interested in doing this for you!
    Here is my commission price guide with my ref samples and prices.

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    I have picked out and contacted my artist for this.



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