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    I need help i cant register on weasyl?

    IDK where to put this or where to start i been trying to register on weasyl.

    It says my emails been used but i never once used my email there for one.
    dragneelea at gmail . com

    I want to register my name there to

    Problem is even when using a different email it says the names already been taken. When you go to the page it says the user cant be found as seen in this screenshot.
    i . imgur . com / QGEvsbo . png

    So what do i do, i just want to join weasyl so badly!

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    This is most likely when someone tries to register and never gets the activation email. The account is still made, it's just not visible at all until the verification link is clicked. I'll PM you the link you need to activate your account.

    If you run into any future issues, please email us at
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