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    Baker does comics

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    Flippin' brilliant! I don't see that often, where someone converts what they've done digitally and continues with it traditionally -- that's really interesting to see. Your comic characters also have some wicked emotion going on in the panels making it so pleasing for the eye, very nice work. Really hope to see more!

    Welcome to the forums, btw!

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    Thank you! You can see my weasyl profile here, or check out my links on my sig for more stuff.

    While understandably rare, there are actually quite a few comic professionals who does the "sketch digitally, then finish inking traditionally" format. I first heard it from Faith Erin Hicks, who does just that. Agnes Garbowski also does it that way, too.

    The only reason I do this is because it's easier to fix mistakes in sketches digitally, whether it's composition problems or size-relation problems. That said, I do prefer to draw traditionally, so I ink on paper. I still sketch certain things on paper, but they get scanned in, corrected on Photoshop, and printed out again.

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