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    Things that came out during your childhood that aren't nostalgic?

    Basically, anything you skipped or dismissed during your childhood, something your foreign friends reminisce about that was never released in your country, or something that was popular (a film, TV show, musician, etc.) when you were a child, but weren't old enough to experience until you got older.

    I grew up in the 90's, the era of Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarentino, and grunge music. I didn't know what any of these things were until at least the mid-2000's, when I was getting into middle/high school. They never came across my radar at all, nor did I know anything existed outside of it. My parents only listened to 90's country, and my classmates only listened to 90's boy bands, and soft rock covers of Disney songs. Another thing I never heard about until recently was The Raccoons, as well as Cybersix. I assume they were aired in America at some point, I just never came across them.

    I knew about things like The Simpsons, South Park, and Beavis & Butthead, as well as Daria, but I wasn't allowed to watch them. My parents had just heard the controversy over SP and B&B, decided that they were all equally profane, and banned them. I was also banned from a lot of video games-- a lot of which were M-rated, which I understood, but also anything my parents deemed "stupid", "a waste of money", or "if your siblings won't play it with you, then you can't get it". I think they were hoping I'd eventually grow tired of animation and video games all together. They were never really into it themselves, so they didn't want me to have an interest in it, either.

    As for stuff I skipped, I never watched Helter Skelter. I always skipped Disney's Halloween movies, figuring they were going to be stupid. I was also too stuck in the "it's bad for girls to be girly" mindset to watch Sailor Moon. Nowadays, I'm curious to give them the shot I never did back then. How about you?

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    Link to the Past: Never played it until I was 20-something. I just didn't know it existed.

    JTHM: Didn't read it until I was 18.

    South Park:
    Didn't get into it until I was 20-something. I saw one episode when I was younger, but I was so young, that I didn't even understand what was going on. And we never had Comedy Central as part of our cable listing.

    Super Mario 64: Never got into it.

    Spyro: Didn't have a PS1. Never got into it.

    Final Fantasy 7 / 8: Didn't have a PS1. Never got into them.

    Crash Bandicoot: Never played it.
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    I didn't know Jhonen Vasquez had done anything other than Invader Zim until the show had been over for a few years, and I'd actually forgotten about it for awhile. My ex introduced it to me, and it was really the first full (non-manga) comic I'd ever read. I'd been interested in (non-manga) comic books for awhile, but I was mistaken in thinking that they were all superhero comics, with one continuous storyline going back to the 1930's, which was intimidating. Thankfully, that's not the case, and I encourage others to get into comics through indie comics, like I did, because they're a little more newbie-friendly.

    I like the earlier Pokémon games, and the franchise in general, but I think some of the best game mechanics and tweaks were introduced in later generations. Stuff like Pokémonamie, the passive abilities, types like Fairy and Dark, etc. I've also only ever played Final Fantasy VII and X. I do admit to having a soft spot for turn-based RPG's. And I'm finally getting into Zelda.

    I've seen a couple 80's movies, but almost no sci-fi or horror. I'd like to fix that.

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    Never got Into any kind of japenese cartoons or anime. Like Pokemon and the 50,000 plus other shows, playing card games, video games, toys, ect ect... I watched a few episodes of a couple shows with some friends of mine but I just didnt like it.

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    To be fair, anime is much more diverse than just what's aired on television. It might just be that merchandise-driven action cartoons aren't your thing, but that giant robots, horror, or slice-of-life romances suit you better, wolf.

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    Mario games. Didn't own a nitendo system.

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    General pop music, I dismissed liking all these general music's growing up in the 90s, they just didn't seem to interest me, but some music did come to my liking then, some of which was girl bands and some boy bands that were quite popular back then.

    I'm sure you've heard of Spice Girls and Eiffel65, they were quite popular and I had friends who were quite into them.

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    my classmates only listened to 90's boy bands, and soft rock covers of Disney songs
    Hah, that stuff is a lot of what I'm *not* nostalgic for, even as a teen, I'd have friends who I consider to have good taste in music go "god, remember when we all liked Britney Spears and NSync?!" and I'm always thinking "" I remember sitting at recess in elementary school listening to Dark Side of the Moon for the umpteenth time while watching several groups practice dance routines to boyband music for our talent show. I just never had that "phase" because my parents and older brother had distinctly rock tastes (not to say I didn't love dubious acts, though!)

    I also see a lot of nostalgia posts about lunch/snack-type candy, like gushers or fruit-roll-ups, which my mom refused to buy, so I had my first gusher when i was like, 16, while nearly everyone I knew grew up with having those snacks.

    Any post-NES games. I played a little of my friend's N64, but mostly I just watched her play one-player games. At various points I had NES's in my family and wasted plenty of time with Super Mario and Super Mario 3. Other friends had their SNES or N64's as the defining console of childhood.

    The Simpsons when I was veeeerry young, I watched it with my family, but there was a gross-out gag that REALLY FREAKED ME OUT once (Bart threw up a heart) so I was too scared to ever watch it again...until I was a teenager and saw reruns with my friends and was into it. But I missed out on a lot of the "good seasons" while they were airing, so I only have spotty out-of-syndication rerun knowledge.
    Likewise, I was too young for Beavis and Butthead but my brother was in the demographic, so sometimes he'd watch it, and I happened to see a kind-of gory episode, and it freaked me out too much to ever be curious about watching it, even as I got older, my mindset has been pretty much "that show is gross". I also started watching South Park much later than everyone I knew because of the same reason.
    (the weirder fact is I watched a lot of Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies cartoons, with all those cats getting electrocuted and ducks getting their bills blown off and was totally down with it. There was only one Road Runner cartoon that had a Wile E. squash gag that freaked me out to the point where I'd get nervous at any episode for being "THE episode", but all the other times he falls off cliffs and gets hit by trains? Hee-larious.)

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    My big one is probably Ren & Stimpy. I saw a few episodes, but eugh, even for an elementary-school kid, it was too gross for my tastes. And I have so many friends who still quote it and I just shrug.

    And, uh. Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which I am given to understand is some kind of 'grew up in the 90s' sin to have not watched and absorbed all the lyrics to the theme song. I can't do the Carlton dance either.
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    High school musical...I remember being in fifth grade and everyone in my class was drooling over it and I was just 'meh'

    Today, the only reason I am 'nostalgic' for it is the stupid tumblr memes that surfaced x3 Good times.

    Speaking of memes has anyone seen the parody of troy dancing to the pokemon theme song? That was perfectly in sync lol xD
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