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    Critique on a background please!

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    I really like it! Totally gives off a spooky vibe. I would suggest is maybe adding some more background trees that fade away to make it more dense. The far left tree too is kinda odd (the faded one) with the top branch just sticking up, kinda makes it look like a cactus.

    I really like the detail in it, especially if you are planning to add some characters or a scene. It gives off enough feeling to add to the overall piece, but it isn't overpowering and overloading your senses.

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    I dig the general atmosphere, and the trees are well rendered. There are a few things I noticed that could use a little work.

    First off, I did a redline to try to pick out some perspective stuff. The red is mostly just me tracing over your image to show what you did. Note that the slices through the trees (most obvious where they meet the ground) suggest a high horizon line, which I drew in. You seem to have been fairly consistent with it, which is good. But the way the background recedes off to the left and the gradient of the sky gives me the impression you were expecting a horizon more like where I've drawn it in blue. More detail deeper in the painting closer to the horizon line (red) would fix this. Also, the horizon line represents the viewer's eye level in a painting, and as the ground curves down and away, the perspective gives the impression that we have a rather high vantage point. This is certainly not a problem, but I thought I'd mention it as something to be aware of.

    As for the trees, I really like each of them on their own, but I feel like the silhouette suggests different species, and it's losing a bit of cohesion. The front left looks skinny and curvy, the front right is tall and straight, the middlemost is thick and then branches out. The trees in the background looks slender and twiggy, which doesn't match any of the near trees. It's totally correct to have a bit of variety, but repeating the same sort of shapes will make it look more cohesive, and will make us feel like the picture contains more information- we know what that distant silhouette is because it's the same type of shape as the tree up close.

    You also mentioned that you don't like it as much at full size. This might be helped by adding more detail, which could be done with more textures. I notice you've already been using a texture brush on the near trees; adding a bit of variation to the ground to look like fallen leaves, or maybe bringing in a few other textures to show mosses and lichens is a good way to give the impression that the forest is full of detail with relatively little effort.

    I hope some of that helped, and keep up the good work!

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    Looks good!

    I'm not the one who should give critique to others since I can't even draw backgrounds x) I think it looks amazing though, you did great!



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