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    Ooh finally, inspiration, it's been too long!
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    Here's a premise I came up with but I'll never actually do anything with because I'm not good at putting a complete story together ever:

    100 years from now, 3D printing technology has evolved into the Autosmith, capable of assembling virtually anything from small electronics to luxury vehicles at the point of sale for dirt cheap. The Autosmith revolutionizes the traditional logistics of manufacturing and retail, and the world is on the brink of a post-scarcity economy. But, the old money families of the world, not wanting to lose their place at the top of the capitalist power structure, lobby for new, broadly sweeping intellectual property laws. By buying up the licensing rights to all sorts of basic engineering concepts, a small handful of megacorporations seize the reproduction rights to virtually all modern technology, and the Autosmiths of the world are locked down with draconian DRM. The world's working class suffers as blue-collar jobs are lost in the millions, but the price of goods remains the same. The elite's only opposition: a small, loosely organized band of digital content pirates and engineers. Can they avoid being crushed by the owning class as they struggle to put control of the Autosmiths back in the hands of the common man?

    Optional title: You Wouldn't Download A Car
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