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    Quote Originally Posted by FlynnCoyote View Post
    Electric shocks aren't as dangerous as most people think. Particularly in America where power outlets have a lower voltage than Australia or England (or so I'm led to believe, correct me if I'm wrong). I'm in Australia, and I've copped a few zaps from less than optimal electrical "adjustments" I've tried to make myself. Power points here include an earth plug for added safety that most appliances make use of.

    I'm still not recommending anyone stick their dick in one though...
    Also, the real danger is if you draw current across the heart. If you just accidentally make a circuit through one hand, you might get a nasty burn and some nerve damage but it's probably not going to kill you.
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    I live in the 240V land.

    One of the occasions I had was going to shower when the heater in boiler was damaged and actually electrified the water lol. I had nice burns on my back from that occasion.
    One other occasions I had a huge brainfart and held a repaired laptop charger in my bare bands while plugging it in. The charger died, I shouted an obscenity and had several burns on my hand for coulpe weeks.
    There have been more occasions...

    CRT TV anode is also highly fun to get zapped from. The currents are really low at least ~~~~



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