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    Check out Grandvision Gaming for Entertaining Hearthstone Commentary!

    Hello Weasyl video game community,

    I've been working on a gaming channel over this week, and I finally have everything set up. Ever since I discovered let's players back in 2006 I wanted to do one myself, because it seemed like fun, and it is. Currently only uploading Hearthstone Arena videos in 720p with an Audo Technica AT2020 USB. I try to be myself, and entertain people, hopefully one way or another, either through random plays, or silly commentary, hope I can improve my voice acting, and mask my accent by doing this, it'll help me get into character more.

    The channel -
    The Facebook -
    The Twitter -

    Just keep in mind that I am not able to edit and render the videos due to an outdated PC, so the videos will not include:

    1. Mastering of in game and microphone audio channels(All of it is done in the recording interface settings to the best of my ability.)
    2. Cutting and editing of silent/inactive game video sections.

    The microphone channel has Noise Removal from Audacity, EQ and Compression from Fruity Loops from Part 2 of 2, and future videos will also have the same editing applied.

    I want an honest opinion on the commentary itself. It's my first time doing it and frankly it's quite fun. I just have to break out of my shell more, suppress habits like sighing into the microphone, clicking my lips(hydration helps), repeating "oh my god" and using a slightly different tone of voice. Some of this is fixed in Part 2 as I get more used to commentating.

    Facebook will be channel related updates, for more prolonged updates, but will also feature the latest videos.
    Twitter will be mostly for YouTube Upload Notifications in case the subscribers box doesn't work. I might create a sub account just for general communication between the community, or use the same Twitter account.

    Thank you guys so much!

    ~Grandvision Studio~


    Hunter Part 1 -
    "There are many positions a hunter can use to secure the kill, but his preferred choice is the doggy style."
    Hunter Part 2 -
    "We continue to delve deeper into the doggy style phenomena, discovering that the only way to beat it, is to top deck all the right cards."
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