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    Common Sense

    I bet you've all heard the terms "Use better common sense" or "They have better common sense than they do" or "They don't even have much common sense these days.". But have you ever asked yourself… What is Common Sense?

    According to Wikipedia:
    noun: common sense; noun: commonsense; modifier noun: common-sense
    good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.

    "it is all a matter of common sense"

    synonyms: good sense, sense, sensibleness, native wit, native intelligence, mother wit, wit, judgement, sound judgement, level-headedness, prudence, discernment, acumen, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, judiciousness, wisdom, insight, intuition, intuitiveness, perceptiveness, perspicacity, vision, understanding, intelligence, reason, powers of reasoning; More

    antonyms: folly

    Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by ("common to") nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without any need for debate.

    Related words in other languages include Latin sensus communis, Greek κοινὴ αἲσθησις (koinē aísthēsis), and French bon sens, but these are not straightforward translations in all contexts. Similarly in English, there are different shades of meaning, implying more or less education and wisdom: "good sense" is sometimes seen as equivalent to "common sense", and sometimes not.

    Lets discuss what "Common Sense" really is all about… Why is it common? Where do we get it from? Does it come to you naturally? or does it come to you from someone else teaching you it?

    To me common sense seems to something that comes naturally to you, that you learn them from your experiences of what you perceive as common sense. Like for example your use your common sense to know that playing with fire is dangerous right? because you will be severely burned if you're not careful when around fires. Common sense is a natural instinct to know what is dangerous and what is not, but aside from dangers there are other things like how we do things, knowing when you should eat when you are hungry and what you should eat to keep healthy those are part of the common sense. It would also be common sense to wear a jacket when it's freezing outside or else you will catch a cold or worse.

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    I think the older we get and the more people we interact with we realize that common sense isn't common at all

    I always figured common sense was the ability to reason through simple problems or life situations. For example, if it hurts my friend for him to talk because he is sick, I shouldn't ask him questions repeatedly. I also should know not to jump in front of a car, because even though I have never done it before, I can make the conclusion that getting hit by a big piece of fast moving metal will hurt.

    How much is common sense will always be subjective and the phrase tends to get thrown around more than it should, but that is just my two cents.

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    Common sense is common sense!

    Duh. use some common sense.


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    As illustrated above, it's the best way to dismiss someone.
    "To tell us that every species of thing is endowed with an occult specific quality by which it acts and produces manifest effects, is to tell us nothing; but to derive two or three general principles of motion from phenomena, and afterwards to tell us how the properties and actions of all corporeal things follow from those manifest principles, would be a very great step." -Issac Newton, Optics
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    There's so many jokes I want to make right now that would get me banned involving mental disabilities and the internet.
    Get a loada this guy here.

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    I would try to more specifically define common sense as the ability to derive conclusions from well-known facts using just a few simple steps. (I feel like this definition is more precise, but captures the common usage.)

    Fire is hot, hot things burn.
    Therefore, if i stick my hand in fire, my hand will be burned.

    Common sense is common because it deals with axioms that people have had plenty of opportunity to learn from an early age. Infants don't know that fire is hot, but you can expect that everybody will have figured that out by the age of ten. The extent to which the logical procedures are innate or learned is probably a really complicated question, but similarly, people who have grown up in a given culture can all be expected to be able to perform certain simple derivations like the one above.

    I think generally the axioms used in common sense are learned, not innate- if someone had never seen nor heard of fire, they wouldn't know not to stick their hand in it. If everyone was fed intravenously all their lives, they wouldn't know to eat when they're hungry. But of course, if an axiom like this WERE innate, it would be part of common sense.

    Also, this would mean common sense can vary between groups, based on the things everybody in the group has exposure to- It's common sense to right click something on a computer when you want more options, but only among groups of people who have spent enough time using a computer. Common sense would thus vary from group to group and culture to culture, and maybe even a little bit from person to person.

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    I think 'common sense' is just thinking about a situation and solving it without prior knowledge or any expertise/research.

    You have to run and jump to get over that gap. It's just common sense, for a brief example. A large gap can't be jumped just by jumping, but running and jumping makes you jump farther; although for someone who has never played a game before or hasn't experienced that mechanic, it isn't common sense.

    I think it's simply just something that everybody knows how to do (generally).

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    All this common sense talk just sounds like critical thinking to me. If only humans were so smart as to just be born that way.

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    "Common sense" is rarely both those things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkCat View Post
    As illustrated above, it's the best way to dismiss someone.
    I had a boss who did this. I was occasionally tasked to proof-read (I was hired as a techie, not a writer, and hadn't taken any English courses since high school) and she would bitch at me when I left mistakes in that I didn't know were mistakes. Or I completed tasks as they were written rather than what "should have been obvious." Because, and I quote, "it should be common sense!" Well, apparently it's not common sense, or I would've done it that way.

    She's left the company now, thankfully.

    Common sense seems, to me, to translate to, "My life experiences lead me to think that this thing is obvious, so why is it not obvious to you?"

    Unwillingness to think critically and willful ignorance are far more unforgivable than lacking "common sense", to me.
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