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    Alaska Conventions?

    Hello to all my fellow Weasyl members! :D

    This is probably the first thread I made on here, so I hope I'm doing it right :D
    I'll be moving to Alaska, US in November this year. I'm hoping to attend more conventions to promote my art/comic, meet other like-minded people, make friends, and interact!

    I've tried searching on Google for cons that are annual in Alaska but I've only found Senshi-Con. So I was wondering, to anyone who knows of the Alaska area, either you live there currently or have previously, do you know of any other conventions? I'd be willing to go to any convention who would be willing to welcome a noob like me: Art cons, Furcons, comic/nerd cons? Anything :)

    I know I may be jumping the gun in asking before I'm even in Alaska, but this way I can do research on the cons you suggest, plan, and save money to attend :)

    Thank you sososo much in advance!! <3 <3

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    hey, welcome in advance! i'm from fairbanks. haven't been to anchorage in years, but it's a pretty cool city. where exactly are you headed?

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    Thank you!! ^_^ It's a pleasure to meet you!! I'm heading towards Anchorage actually lolz I have family in Fairbanks, so I hope to explore that city and check it out :D

    I've heard there have been a few furcons in the past, but they're small and rare, though this doesn't bother me :) I've seen some Antique conventions that occur too, but I don't think they would reserve a booth for someone who doesn't have any of those types of things XD



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