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    Suggestion: New Follower Avatars in Notifications

    I'd like to propose displaying the avatars of new followers on the notifications page, instead of just showing their names.

    I know I'm better with names than faces, and I think that's the case for most people. Often times I've found that I get to know new users by their icons far sooner than by their screen-names, as the avatar serves as one's face for an online art community. Often times, when I get a new follower on other art sites, seeing their icon promotes instant recognition- I'll notice it's the same person who commented on a submission of mine, or who I've seen hanging out on a friends journals, or who's gallery I've browsed before.

    Getting a follower on Weasyl presents me with only a name, which I'm much less likely to recognize, and which I have to at least bother to read instead of just catching at a glance. If I want to know who the user is, I have to click through to their page to see if I recognize them. Also, if it's a new face, I don't build up any familiarity with their icon just by checking my notifications a few times before clearing them out.

    It's a small detail, but I feel like adding followers' user icons to the notification page would help foster a sense of community and build familiarity across the user base.

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    As long as we have the option to have it on or off I like the idea. I need as less loading issues as possible with this laptop. :/
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