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    Looking for RP buddies for clean/horror?

    I'm looking for some buddies for long RP. i do clean/mature stuff, preferably horror and gore sorts of settings. Mature stuff is okay, but i don't do RPs that are meant as jack-off material (there's a big difference to me between a sex scene relevant to a story and one obviously meant to please the other person (not that i'm saying there's anything wrong with porn RPs, that's just not what i do .^. ))

    i prefer paragraph style, like you're writing a book. preferably longer answers but i'm not too picky (don't worry, you don't need to feel self conscious for not knowing 80 different words to use in place of 'said' <3). i don't expect fancy grammar or vocabulary.

    i dominantly use OCs, which i'll show and tell depending on the story, but most of them are low-class alternative style punks, but i do have different ones.

    my skype is crusthound and i am online normally between 10 PM to 3 or 4 AM eastern time, or on during the day as well on tuesday and wednesday.

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    I was wondering what kind of horror you had in mind? Like is there a sub-genre you tend to lean to more like supernatural horror or are you pretty open to different ones? Also most of my OCs consist of non-human creatures (supernatural entities, ghosts etc) Do you prefer the PCs be human or ... ?

    Let me know. :>
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