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    notMateo's Hella-Homo Sketchbook

    Okay not really that homo, but I just wanted to put a personal spin on the title. I figure this is better than uploading WIPs directly to Weasyl, and I'd like a place to spam WIPs and still be good, as well as a place to throw my art in the ever-going hope of gaining exposure. Also, there's the added benefit of having something relevant to post to the forums. So yeah. Expect some questionably terrible NSFW sketches here and there- as per the rules, outsourced.

    Hope you guys enjoy.

    As my first sketch, here's what I'm currently working on.
    Okay yeah, this pretty homo but who care.
    I should probably make a signature.
    *casually rolls over and does nothing*

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    I really like what I see from just that picture alone! I saw that you received some critique on it as well, hoping you'll post it when finished. :3 Ah, and just a suggestion! You're able to embed your link into a image by putting [.img] -URL- [./img] (without the periods). Just makes for easier viewing, though for NSFW images you'll have to link them.



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