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    Suggestion: Tag Characters in drawings

    I checked the frequently suggested list, and I didn't see this in there, and it's something I would love to see: the ability to tag characters in submissions. I guess similar to Facebook tagging, maybe not with the hover-over effect because that can get slightly...annoying. Tags can then link back to the character page, in which there can be appended an automatically updated list of submissions this character is in.

    I'm suggesting this idea because I think it'd be a really cool way to discover characters.

    Side suggestion, maybe some sort of "Series" option? Take the way Folders work- the way you create them, I mean; but adapt it in a way that you can tag characters in Series. Using the series tag, you can also see other characters within the same series by the artist. I have a few series I'd like to be able to manage this way.

    But yeah, I hope this isn't already suggested- either part.
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    I really like this idea. I suppose it would be implementable to an extent with the tools that are already in place- you could tag every submission of a certain character with "[owner]'s_[charactername]", and a search for that tag would find only that character and all instances of that character. You could also paste the url for this search into the character description as a more obvious link. Having a prompt to encourage widespread use of this tagging and perhaps implementing a link back to the character page would be really cool, though.

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    May I ask how I tag a character if it has the same name as the user?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zakraz View Post
    May I ask how I tag a character if it has the same name as the user?
    At the moment, there's nothing special about tagging a character versus any other tag. The only reason the "[owner]'s_[charactername]" tag format would generate a character-unique search is because the tag is unlikely to have been used for anything else. If you want to make such a unique search, anything sufficiently specific would work.

    For example, say the user's name is bulbasaur, and their character is named bulbasaur. Obviously, searching for "bulbasaur" is gonna turn up a lot of stuff that's not that specific character. But "bulbasaur's_bulbasaur," "bulbasaur's_fursona," or "that_one_bulbasaur_that_belongs_to_blubasaur_the_ user" are all sufficiently specific phrases that you could tag all instances of the character with them, and a link to that search could be expected to only turn up results of that specific character.

    NotMateo's suggestion here is to make the system of tagging characters a little more formalized, which would be cool, and which would encourage broader adoption of character-specific tagging, but it has not been implemented yet.

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    It would be an interesting addition.

    But, not many sites have done this, so there's probably a reason why. I guess it depends on if the site's coding will allow for so specific a search and whether something like this could be entered.

    It would also rely on users inputting the correct tag, or the function would be all but useless.
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