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    Nihao! Here to bridge the gap!

    I'm Niawi (or N1AW1 depending on the site),
    I'm here to bridge the gap between the oceans. Everywhere I go on English sites I saw people who were so interested in the Eastern Furries or just Eastern social culture in general. But they were always stumped by lack of knowing the language and social culture. There were lots of sad cases where English speakers, in their excitement and/or unaware rudeness, would scare away (i.e.) Japanese folk from English websites.

    Pretty soon, due to certain ideas in technology, our world is going to be brought a lot closer together socially and I want everyone to be prepared. I want to bridge that gap before it harms us when it clashes against each other. The only way I really know how, is through my art and simply being a friend.

    So if you don't know, I draw what most English speakers call the Japanese version of Furry "Kemono," and I'll explain from ground up what that is, its different terms, what makes us different, how we're similar, the history and stuff through my submissions and journals. So if you're into all that sort of stuff, or just like learning about Eastern Social stuff before it spreads internationally I hope we can be friends. <3

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    Welcome to the forums Niawi,

    I had no idea there a was difference between furries in the east and west.
    Whats exactly different about them, or is Kemono entirely different?...

    From what I've read so far "Kenomos" don't have fur-sonas, and any spiritual- or sentimental connections with their characters. (Are those characters just avatars?)

    From what I know, personal furry characters are like alter-egos or masks.
    Other times their just avatars, in the sense that they represent something to- or qualities of- the person behind the screen.
    (or under the fur :V).

    Forgive me if I'm mistaken or confused.
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    Oh I already posted all the info and more as a part of the BTG! On my main Weasyl page. (I'm using my journals right now as I've had trouble uploading word documents in my gallery)

    I think I'll wait a little bit before I help everyone overcome language barriers and culture differences though.

    For now, people should have easier time searching and poking their noses into the other side of the web that they were unaware of furries being BEFORE they actually try communicating with them. I'm doing the same BTG! and talking about Western Furries on the Eastern side of the web in Chinese. They're very interested in meeting Western Furries, I hope you're all as interested in them as they are of you. XD

    I could use some help though as I don't know the Western web side as much as I do the East. I don't know what the best Furry sites are for Westerners. (Where most are ACTIVELY accumulated). Or how to describe them as honestly as I could.
    FA is an obvious one, and I know it has a bad rap and I even lived some horrors there. I'm wishing its demise and am afraid to suggest it, but it IS popular.
    Furocity has supposedly disappeared.
    SoFurry is riddled with practically nothing but art theft.
    Weasyl seems to be the only good place, albeit it is new but seemingly growing steadily.
    And then there's DeviantArt which has been around forever.
    I do not know or remember the names of other good sites.

    At least the West has stuck to a FEW good sites and are not as competitive as the East side. The battle for the best social networking site is absolutely crazy in the East. There's too many, and everyone's spread out. I think I'm just going to provide steady international sites where many are most accumulated, because the competition on other social networking sites is just impossible to keep up with (especially in China). What I would have put might not apply a year later.
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    Cute little project you've got here.
    I gotta admit, I'd be interested to hear what people make of the whole "furry culture" on the other side of the world. I've heard some rumours from friends of mine, like how they think our big conventions (i.e. anthrocon) are cool and that the craft of fursuit construction is not as mature / well known over there (but, then again other friends of mine think kemono fursuits they've seen are way cooler than western ones so take it as you will)

    As far as websites, well, I don't know too much.
    Or perhaps you could say I know TOO much, and a few other ones I could add to your list are little more than porn warehouses. But, there are a couple places I can think of that you would definitely find some furries, such as:
    second life
    various clusters of Steam groups
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    Jawsome, I'll look into them!

    Suggesting Furry "Porn" sites are all right. In fact, please do as I don't know any besides the sites I listed (which aren't even predominately solely about furry porn). Oh boy do they love their furry porn over there so I don't want to hide it. XD

    So long as the sites are active with throngs of community driven people, I'll tell them about it. And vice versa.

    You bring up other good points to mention too. Like Fursuiting. Hmmm, will have to ask them and compile stuff for another BTG journal. I'll need to ask the West Fursuiters about this amazing craft too. I'm gonna have to take this to another thread or something because BTG is supposed to be an ongoing project and can't just be held within a little introduction thread. lol

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    It's my understanding that kemono is a pretty ancient concept in Japan relating to talking animals in mythology. The kitsune, tanuki, etc. are the classical kemono, yes?

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    Not sure why you used mandarin to greet and proceeded to rant about people scaring away the japanese people/lack of understanding of japanese kemono culture :/
    Anyhoo, welcome to Weasyl, hope you like the place

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    Using the concept of history, "Don't make the same mistakes as the guys before you," Is not ranting. Its not like bad rep about East web isn't coming up either (actually extremely important for physical safety).
    But my laziness when typing the journals in English is truly my fault in error as I intended BTG! as anonymous as possible from the start. I have edited and apologize both there and here: Im sorry for my error and it won't happen again.



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