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Thread: hello everyone!

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    hello everyone!

    hi my name is alex and i'm 16 which can be hard for to remember my age for no reason whatsoever. i found out about weasyl through other furry websites like furaffinity and sofurry so i decided to give it a try. my fursona is a blue wolf named sage rosario who like having fun and just chilling. i like to play baseball and i also parctice martial arts as well. right now i can't think of any other things to mention but if you have any questions, you can go ahead and ask me. until then, see ya!

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    i've been practicing martial arts (Tae Kwon-Do being it's formal name) for about three years now and yes i do enjoy it just as much as baseball because i like the dynamics of it. i realised you said clanny! i like that nickname



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