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    Name your price (FLATS-Reference sheet) (NSFW)

    Looking for artists who specialize in drawing fat characters and aliens.
    The reference(NSFW), though I'd like for him to look more like this in terms of the body shape minus the eyelids in the food porn and clothed pics (NSFW)
    I'm looking for three naked views - front, back, and side, and an additional three - one in a space suit sort of front view and two in a relaxed sort of wear front and back, a few facial expressions (floating disembodied head though) and one up close and separate view of something cumming out of something because that something cumming out of something is a little odd. I'd also like it to be sent to me as either a blank see through background png(s) or psds since I'll be adding them to the rest of the in detail reference I've made.
    Right now I am looking at an under and around $100 budget and I'll keep this around for a while, and my decision is not immediate since I am trying to be a little more conservative with PayPal funds.
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    I am interested. You can view some of my reference sheets here:

    For flat colored reference sheets I charge $20 USD per full-body view and $10 USD per detail shot.
    So 6 naked views in total would mean it would cost $120 USD, plus some facial expressions ($10 USD each) + the scene of something coming out of something (that will also have to have a price, depending on how complex it will be).
    Please message me on Weasyl or e-mail me at sushychan(at) if you want to work with me.



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