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Thread: Fursuiting?

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    So Im seriously considering suiting. I have been working as Snoopy and canadas wonderland and I love it. I would love to go to conventions/ meet ups with one.

    The thing is I wouldn't mind trying to make one. But Im a total amateur. I do sew but Im not very good and I do not have a machine.

    So what im asking is:

    What would your advice be for very first timers?

    What makes a good fursuite?

    If I decide to buy one who do you suggest?

    Thanks guys

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    If you're interested in making one, I'd recommend checking out Matrices' website- she has a ton of great tutorials, and it'll give you a good overview of the process. If you want to dig more deeply into the craft, the fursuit livejournal is the biggest tutorial base I know of online. Check the memories for discussions of specific topics.

    Also, making suits is a blast, but it's time consuming and challenging. Don't feel bad if your first few heads don't meet your standards- it takes a while to get the feel for it.

    As to what makes a good suit, I've found (through trial and plenty of error) that focusing on symmetry, expression, and character is a lot more important than any bells and whistles. I wouldn't try a moving jaw or follow me eyes or anything like that until you've got the basics down. (I figured this one out on my third head. =P )

    If you decide to buy one, just research plenty of makers and be prepared for it to take a while. I haven't gone through the process of purchasing one myself, but I understand lead times can easily be as long as a year. Also, be sure to check out the maker's reputation in terms of both quality and business practices. You want to make sure both the finished product and the process are worth the money.



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