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    Linkzelda41's Commission Thread (3D Models/Sculpts and More!)


    Hello everyone!

    I am now offering 3D model/art commission, and I utilize several 2D and 3D programs (e.g. Zbrush, Maya, Keyshot, XNormal, Photoshop, Manga Studio 5 EX) in order to achieve this.

    Contact Information & A Few Notes:

    For now, Iím going through an experimental stage with 3D modeling, so if anyone is interested in having their character made in 3D, you can contact me through:

    E-Mail: ,

    Deviant Art:

    FurAffinity (main site):

    Turnaround Time:

    Character Busts may take 1-2 weeks, maybe less
    Full Body sculpts may take 1-3 weeks, it depends

    Sending Requests for Commissions:

    Note: Please format your title with ď[3D REQUEST] *insert rest of title here*Ē so that Iíll be able to distinguish it from spam, and regular mail/notes/etc.

    Things That I Require in Your Request:

    References: (Preferably a front and side view; the more views and angles, the better, and can drive prices down. However, if you only have a front side, and are lacking in other aspects for references, prices may go up a bit). Descriptions (text) can be a useful supplement, but arenít allowed; they can help with capturing the overall mood of your character, but there probably wonít be any significant difference as a supplement. But if youíre going to only provide textual references, I have the right to reject your request since starting from scratch with no visual references can end up with issues (e.g. alterations to the model due to the individual not liking the form and shape).

    Goal/Intention: Self-explanatory, but giving a premise on what it is that you want will help tremendously for a smooth transition.

    Means of Communication: Self-explanatory, but things like your FA account (main site and forum), e-mail, skype, etc. would be nice for steady communication and updates.

    Your Imagination and Creativity: I absolutely love anyone that can be creative in their requests because this is something that Iím striving for in my commissions as well! You donít have to be constrained to just a T-pose/A-pose model.

    How to Pay:

    I have a PayPal account:

    Please keep the description as neutral as you can for PayPal transactions (NSFW descriptions will obviously make PayPal transactions difficult to receive)
    Do not send your payment until we've established an agreement on what you want

    Payment and Project Workflows:


    Once the Payment is received:

    I start on the 2D Sketch for the Character model sheet
    I start sculpting until I achieve a basic form
    I send the details of this to you through an image that will be a WIP (Work in Progress)
    If youíre satisfied, and any changes/queries have been established, I go on to add details for the final render
    I provide a render (any minor alterations needed can be discussed)
    I provide the rest of the default package to you (time-lapse videos may take some time since I store then in my external hard drive; theyíre often Gigabytes in size before being condensed and sped up)


    You pay half the amount (e.g. $50 from a $100 service)
    I work and show a low resolution image to you
    You pay the other half
    I provide the final render

    Overview on Slots and Projects

    For the time being, there arenít any limits on the slots. However, it is a first come, first serve basis. So if someone ends up paying before you do on the queue list, I will assess those commissions first. Seeing how Iíll be focusing on 3D models, the prices arenít set in stone, and are dependent on circumstantial cases (e.g. complexity of the model, suitable references). I will consult with you on the price to sculpt and render a 3D model of your character/fursona. Each project may have different ways to pay, and a different workflow as well to ensure that the end result is what you envisioned.

    I will be making periodical responses to you on the project for things such a critiques (e.g. what you like/dislike and want to change), and updates of the overall process.

    What I Am Willing to Do (May change in the future):

    Herm/Futa/Trans/any sexuality
    NSFW (see extremes below for what I wonít do)
    (Pretty much anything that isnít on the ďWonít DoĒ List)

    What I Wonít Do (May change in the future):

    Inflation, Hyper, Scat, Watersports, Vore, etc.
    Loli/Cub (sexual content)

    What youíll get for your purchase by default:

    For Both Busts and Full Body Sculpts:

    Basic Front, Side, and Back View (Basically a 3D Character Reference Sheet); If you want certain angles, just tell me about it because all it takes is a simple rotation, and then a render

    Simple Colored Background (e.g. Gray gradient)

    Time-lapse Video of the Process (I will be doing this even if you donít request it for the sake of contingency plans for protecting my work, developing my portfolio, and showing that I actually made the model)

    Basic Turntable created in ZBrush (SWF and other video formats are available)


    For Backgrounds, feel free to discuss what it is you desire for that. Pricing may be added on depending on the complexity.


    Terms of Service (Please Read):

    Payment procedures will depend based on the project, but the general idea for now is that payment is upfront in USD through PayPal (conversions for a different currency to USD with PayPal can be discussed through contact details listed above). If thereís going to be complexity involved for the 3D model, you can pay half for a rough sculpt of the model and render (no textures and UVs), and the other half for the final rendered 3D model (This only applies for orders $100+ for the time being). But for something like a head bust, and other full body services, payment is upfront.

    I retain the right to add any commission done to my portfolio along with other accounts (e.g. deviant art, tumblr).

    You MUST be 18 years or older to request for NSFW art!

    I retain full rights to the 3D model/image/turntables/animations etc. created, and their distribution/use.

    For the time being, I will not be providing the actual models (e.g. .OBJ, .FBX) to prevent issues with copyright, and those who want to use them for commercial usage)

    I have the right to reject your requests. Please donít take this personally because the reasons for the rejection will vary (e.g. mostly my competency level to finish the request in a timely fashion)

    You are allowed to use the images, turntables, and such as you please for personal use as long as you credit to me (through the main FA site, or other sites; PM me if thereís any confusion on this) Examples are (but not limited to):

    Icons, Avatars, Signatures

    By default, full body models will be set in an A-pose, or T-pose depending on circumstances (e.g. complexity, anatomy). If thereís a specific pose you have in mind, please discuss this through the means of contacting me listed above. Rigging the character may be the inevitable route to go for posing, which may augment the price a bit based on what is desired, but this is taking into consideration for very extreme movements (e.g. bending forward to the floor, action stills, sexual content/NSFW)

    All commissions are non-refundable; I will work with you to ensure that the end result is what you envisioned.

    Alterations to the 3D model, and the pricing for this will vary. If itís something simple like changing the eye color, or anything else minor, it can be done easily for free. However, if itís something like changing a major body part (e.g. arm, leg, head), a price may be attached due to how time-consuming it is to keep the model consistent)




    $50-$60: , ,

    (The reason these busts are more than the examples before is that I use standalone render programs/3D programs to give a quality render (e.g. HDRI maps, Global Illumination, Subsurface Scattering (SSS), and they have a bit more complexity to them). I also would have to make diffuse, normal, and even ambient occlusion maps for a lo-poly model.

    So do take into consideration of some of these factors of the augmentation in prices if they seem intimidating. In other words, if you donít want to have a model that will require any outside work from ZBrush (e.g. clothing simulations, facial and full body animations in the future), you may be able to get a cheaper price for them. Donít hesitate to send queries to me because I want to make sure that everything will be clarified to you, and vice versa to ensure a smooth workflow and end result.

    Full Body Characters [NSFW Examples may be posted]

    $50: [POSSIBLY NSFW]

    $75+: [POSSIBLY NSFW] (with simple shirt design)


    Like I mentioned for the busts that are bit more expensive, the full body models that are $100+ is are ones that get:

    Converted from High Poly to Low Poly for a faster quality render, and maybe animation in the near future when I find a price range for those services
    Have maps (e.g. diffuse, ambient occlusion, normal) made for the low poly model
    They Have UVs
    Requires different formatting for other 3D Programs (e.g. decent topology for rigging in Maya, or other 3D programs)

    So if your model is going to be in a static pose that wonít be used for complex posing and/or animation, the price may be much lower than ones shown in the $100+ category. But please take into consideration that complexity and how much time it would take to make it will affect the pricing (along with having good references).

    Communication is essential, which is more incentive for you to feel free to ask any questions you may have if you are interested in having a 3D render of your fursona/character.

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    More examples of 3D turntables and how much I would average the pricing for them: (Full Body Turntable) [slighty NSFW; no genitals portrayed] ~$75-80 (This one took me around 7 hours and 41 minutes from start to finish) (Head Turntable) ~$30-50 ~$60-75 [slightly NSFW; no genitals portrayed] ~$70-80 [slightly NSFW; no genitals portrayed] ~$60-70 ~$30-50 [slightly NSFW; no genitals portrayed] ~$50-60

    Do note that these examples come with their respective reference sheets (front, side, back view) along with time-lapses, backgrounds (price varies), etc.

    Also, updated the links so that it doesn't end up showing an "image not found." Found out after testing the viewing from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pro 8.4.



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