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    Figured I would throw my lot in with you guys!

    Tobi Rin

    I can be found on Weasyl! You can click the picture in my signature to get there!

    I write mainly in the fantasy and romance genres. I do branch out from time to time though.

    I've just recently started posting on Weasyl so I don't have a great deal to show as of yet. I just uploaded the first two chapters of a romance story I'm doing though! So be sure to check those out if that interests you.
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    A list of authors/reading material on the site would be great. Preferably built into the design of the site. (And I'd hope it would include authors of comic strips and graphic novels.)

    I love Weasyl, but I find it....difficult to browse. Often I want to browse categories of work. Such as only comics, adult work, music, etcetera,with the ability to conduct searches within those categories, but when I go to the "Browse" page, I'm giving no options except Submissions, Characters, Journals.

    Hopefully the site continues to evolve.

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    enentually I hope we can get enough people listed here so we can put it into catagories.
    I just got another book out there so I hope to have some time soon to get this thing together.

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    I'll more or less copy the same format others have used because why not?

    Who am I? I go by Levi most places. Sometimes my full name, Levi Wolstrom. I've been writing in some form or fashion since I was in elementary school but so far I'm not published outside literary magazines and conbooks. I'm working to change that this year.

    What do I write? Contemporary fantasy, mostly. Occasionally I'll venture outside this, because I don't want to be too stuck in one genre. Everything is clean and often ponders some sort of theological or philosophical question. Currently I'm uploading an old novel to my Weasyl gallery, and I'll be doing that for a while longer I imagine.

    You can find me on Weasyl under my username, Levi.
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    well im a minor autour that likes to write about historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. and the list goes on. if you want more details then PM me.
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    Name's Amenshawn.

    I've recently begun a retooling of my CotA (Children of the Ancients) universe. It's a fantasy / scifi series that definitely falls under the ADULT category. Currently, I have three stories up and running over on my FA page ( along with a support work for the universe I'm building. I have a current to-do list of a dozen stories, support material, maps, and even an old school books and dice RPG if I ever get around to it.

    I recently started getting fan art, which was a big eyebrow raiser for me. So, with that sort of interest growing, I set up a tip jar on my FA page. All proceeds from that go directly toward commissioning official art for the world.

    So, if you like adult fantasy / scifi, and are comfortable with most of the stories being pregnancy fetish based, swing on by. I'm planning on posting my material over here on Weasyl as well, and a few pieces of fan art are already up (

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    My online name is Vac. Right now, I have just the smutty stuff posted. However, I mostly write science fiction, horror, comedy, and whatever pops into my head. I, especially, love tackling surrealism.

    You can find me on FA and Weasyl. Although, I have just started posting a few days ago.

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    Horror/violent or gory writing. It just seems to come naturally to me.

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    GlaringFeline: Fiction, violence, a little bit of poetry(that I've never published), and some smut(again, that I haven't published).

    I don't write that often. I do have a story in the making that I've been drafting since my freshman year of high school, and I'm now a senior. A lot of stuff from older revisions have been scrapped and I want to try my hand at having some mysteries in the plot.

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    I'm Jonesy, a.k.a. Jonesy95.

    I primarily write science fiction and fantasy. My current project is a steampunk interspecies romance called Human & Lupusad - Of Men and Wolves (found here).

    I've only just joined Weasyl, but will gradually post my work so far. My work can also be found on FurAffinity.
    Human & Lupusad - Of Men and Wolves
    A human saves a lupine girl from the streets, leading the pair to form a bond closer than either ever would have imagined.



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