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    Video Submissions?

    As a furry creator whose primary contribution at the moment is video, getting videos out to like-minded furs can be tricky. It would be really cool if users were able to submit videos to Weasyl that were embedded from YouTube (or other video site that supports embedding). Unlike commissioned artists, video creators rely on traffic to bring in cash, either through ad revenue or picking up Patreon supporters (or other donation methods), so getting people aware of the channel is the hardest thing; having a user presence on Weasyl that brings views to the channel would be a big help.

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    We've had this ability since Day One!

    Simply go to Submit>Multimedia and copy the embed link from You Tube or other sites into the corresponding field.

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    Dude, that's awesome. I had no idea that's what that was for, I thought it was for like Flash stuff. This site is straight up the awesomest.



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