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    Suggestion: "confirm" a rating of General if image has particular tags

    Ok this is kind of an odd idea that I just had on the fly, so feel free to shoot it down. It came about when I saw something on the front page with a "General" rating that was tagged "boobs", "sexy", "breasts", etc. Now, the artist clearly knew the intent of their piece and was courteous enough to tag it as such, but they still left it as general when I'm pretty sure it ought've garnered at least 13+.

    Maybe they thought it was OK because it was covered up, maybe they forgot, maybe they haven't read the rating guidelines, it could've been any number of little mistakes that lead to this sort of thing. So, my idea was that if you've given your submission any "red light" tags, and don't change the submission rating from General it gives a little modal dialog or something asking you to confirm that you meant for this to be E for Everyone.

    The idea is that it'll help someone catch a little mistake they mighta made and fix it themselves, before someone else sees it and reports their submission. Less embarrassing for the user, less work for the staff.

    problems that I have identified in ruminating over this while writing my post:
    1) who makes the list of tags that should trigger the warning? What even would go in that list?
    2) If the tags are too broad, then people may get annoyed with false positives.
    3) People who don't give a shit about the rating probably won't tag it correctly in the first place, so it will not stop them from uploading misrated content.
    4) this is dumb and the staff could be spending their time working on actually useful things.

    Thoughts? Does this sound reasonable or am I way off target here?

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    we'd like to implement something similar to this in the future.

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    For #3 if they chronically don't bother tagging it properly and they don't bother rating it properly then they won't last long on this site.

    I think anything that makes a person stop and double check what they're doing RE: potential misratings is a good thing.



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