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    -Suggestion- More functions for 'Submission Notifications' page.

    Hey guys.

    First thread, registered because I just had a lightbulb with the Submission Notifications page. I am sorry if I have posted to the wrong forum, and request that this thread be moved to the appropriate forum if I have.

    The idea. As you are able to check the boxes of submissions to preform functions such as (from the time of writing, the only function) nuking the selected items from the area. The idea is to add more functions such as favoriting and downloading the selected submissions in bulk (And perhaps an undo if you decide you do not want to nuke something).

    This idea flashed in my mind as I was checking for new submissions and found a new comic with multiple pages. I would love to favorite every page of the comic, praise, and show my apprecition for the work, however, clicking through multiple screens to favorite each page is... tedious. Adding a bulk fav function would make the process a whole lot smoother.

    For the downloads, of course there would have to be some limit to prevent a DDoS, if there were some options which allowed for the download to a folder named after the repected artist, it would bring an edge to this site. It would probably need to be done with an optional firefox/chrome extention, though it has proven to work with the FA extender.

    For these ideas to be put in play, I believe it would make a unique experience and bring far more people to use this site. It has been far too long which there has been a real game changer which is able to push for innovation rather than make a few cosmetic changes.

    I know there may be some pitfalls and troubles when it comes to implementing functions like this (studing in programming myself), it's simply a concept which would be nice to see.

    Thank you all you wonderful people!
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    I'm not sure why you would need a bulk fav feature though, for one I feel like it would cheaper faves to me as an art poster to have users blanket fave everything from the notification page without going to it, but for your example of a comic, you need to go to each page to read it anyway don't you? So faving from that page doesn't really seem like it would save much work...

    Just trying to figure out where your coming from with this one, I also can't really seem to think of a situation where from the notification page you would want to bulk download all of an artists work?

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    In this situation, I'd suggest either the artist putting the entire comic in its own subfolder (and then just bookmarking it), being able to create Favorites folders, or for the artist to host their comic on another site, in addition to Weasyl. A site formatted more specifically for comics.



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