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    delete weasyl account ??

    Hi, I dont wants to make a good account here cause I dont wants any personal data as email or nickname here, I've sending emails to: support (a) weasyl (dot) com several times asking for deletion but no one was answer in a month or more, I just wonder how long take support to answer??

    And if I`m posting here is cause as i told, i dont wants to do a presentation or anything else in order to keep my information away from this place, is not about drama or anything just personal stuff.

    Need some info, plz. and thank you.

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    I'm surprised you wouldn't have gotten a response from a mod during that time, from what I've heard they are pretty good on issues. Maybe the e-mails arn't getting through?

    In any case I'm not mod, but according to their FAQ on the main site they can't currently delete accounts. Here's what they have:
    We are not able to fully delete Weasyl accounts at this time. If you no longer wish to use your account, we recommend that you remove any personal information and other content from your profile before signing out.
    If you go into your profile settings and site settings you can pretty much neuter all the info off your page for the time being though : )

    (If that isn't quite what you needed you may also want to check out the Site and Forum support section of the forums. You'll probably have better luck getting help there than here since this is just really for intros and such~)
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    It took me a moment to find this user's e-mail, but I've confirmed the first request was sent in July 20th, a second request on August 2nd, with Kihari responding on August 2nd initiating the delete. It can take some time to remove all account data, but it is in progress.

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    Since the issue has been resolved, I've moved and locked this thread. Feel free to e-mail if you have any further questions.



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