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    Two bugs with submission notifications

    First time here on the forums, hello. I've come across two bugs both concerning my submission notifications.

    The first one is that when using Weasyl on my iPod touch (it's an older model, without a bulit-in camera), if I was managing submission notifications and clicked the "check all" button, it would automatically delete the notification without me telling it to. This has happened a few times, and I was careful that I wasn't touching the "remove notifications" button or anything other than the "check all" button. It's also strange that most of the time either on my laptop or iPod there isn't a "check all" button at all, just an "invert selection" button. Maybe being stupid or I'm missing something with that. I'll look more carefully next time I have a notification.

    The second bug is one I just noticed for the first time. I went to check my submission notifications, and saw that two of them had blue borders/corners meaning that they were above general rating. I have my account set to view general rating only, so I don't know why those items would be showing up when they should be blocked. When I clicked on the thumbnails, they still said "Whoops! This page contains content that you cannot view according to your current allowed ratings." This is the first time this has happened to me here (though I remember the same issue happening to me on FurAffinity in the past).

    They are both relatively minor bugs, but have the potential to be annoying (especially the one where higher ratings are getting through the filter). Anyway, thanks for reading, hopefully I can figure out what's happening here.

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    Welcome, PixelHoot.

    The second bug is probably caused by someone changing their submission's rating after uploading it. When this occurs we currently do not filter existing notifications accordingly. Though the submission itself will be unviewable, the notification and thumbnail remain.

    We have a fix for this known issue in review, but it's not been pushed yet because we're still discussing the appropriate behavior for notifications in the face of user and submission rating changes. Input on this is welcome.

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    Ah okay, I thought that might have been the cause. Glad to know it's being worked on already. I would think that just removing the notification from the person's notification inbox would be fine? Unless there are enough people that would want to know a submission by someone they follow was posted and the rating was changed afterwards to something above their personal settings. The only problem I can think of is people possibly seeing mature/explicit content in the thumbnail when their filters shouldn't allow for such material to be viewed. So if the notifications aren't simply removed, maybe the thumbnails could be altered somehow, like changed to text saying "this submission's rating has been changed to ---" or something. I dunno. Anyway thanks for the reply.



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