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    Officially Unofficial "Chapter and Short Story Critique Swap" Thread

    Alright... Time to see if we can give this section of the forum a kick in the ass.

    Welcome to the Lit Critique Swap Thread.
    Here are the rules and process, yo.


    Once a month, at the end of said month, users will be assigned to a partner to swap either a short story or a chapter length excerpt for the other to read, review, and fully critique. Up until the end of the month, users will post merely a word count, story genre, and whether or not it is a short story or chapter.

    When the time comes to pair up, users will be paired together based roughly on said word counts, genres, and excerpt type. In the case of many close matches (or the opposite--no matches at all) then users will be assigned randomly. Users will then contact the other with a link to the work to be critiqued.

    Once the user has received their critique, they will inform me via note, and I will edit the list here to reflect that.


    Works in question must be:

    *To the best of the author's ability, edited of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. (We are here to review and critique, not edit and proofread).

    *Within Weasyl's acceptable upload policy.

    *Completely and entirely the author's original creation (Read: No fanfiction, commissioned stories, RP logs, etc)

    In this thread, post the following to be considered for the monthly critique swap:

    Weasyl Username
    Word Count
    Whether it is a short story or a chapter.

    Do NOT post:

    Story title
    *This is to prevent any type of 'fishing' when it comes to posting chapters.

    Apologies for 'bad' or 'inexperienced' writing
    *Hey--we're all here to get better, right? Believe it or not, writing is not some natural skill that POPS UP at the tips of one fingers. The drive to create and imagine is something everyone can have. The way with words and narrative comes later. With practice. And reading. And critique! Yes, you can get better at writing by reading and analyzing other works.

    So relax. Have confidence. We're here to help each other.

    Continuing Requirements and a Warning

    Obviously, there may be an issue of people dropping out and backing out of pairings. Also lots of other issues I will probably not foresee. So this will be made simple: Users who don't complete their half of the swap, who are rude or callous in their critiques, or are in general trying to game or cause trouble in the system, will not be allowed to participate in future swaps. In the case of incomplete, substandard, or missing critiques, participation will be reinstated upon full completion of critique.

    People who are also found completely ignoring the submission requirements (ie: submitting non-proofread works) will be given a warning and pulled from the swap list pending repeat requirement breaches.

    Things to Consider:

    Ask your critique partner specific questions.
    "Is the pacing off? Does this paragraph read funny? Does this word better in third person, you think?"

    Know the distinction between CRITIQUE and REVIEW.
    I'd like to think that we can all be here to both review and critique the stories.

    Reviews tend to simply address readability and entertainment value. Did it read well? How well was your attention kept? Was the story EXCITING or SUSPENSFUL or GRIPPING?

    Critiques address deeper issues in the story, in which the critique not only points them out, but provides possible suggestions and advice to fix what may be causing problems in the read. This leaves out most mentions of stylistic and entertainment value, and really looks to break down the way language and sentences are being used in the story.

    Don't take a hard critique too hard.

    Look, the hard cold fact of the matter is: If there are problems with your work, people are going to point them out. The more problems--the longer the critique, if the reader knows what they're doing. We've ALL gotten bad critique. We ALL have room to learn, some more than others. One of the first and foremost greatest skills you can learn as a writer is not to take criticism personally or to heart, but rather professionally and as a challenge. You work CAN be better--so step up. Grab the bat. Take a swing at being a better writer.

    And lastly,

    Thanks for reading, and thanks to those who want to be a part of this.
    Feel free to suggest changes to this, or address any issues you might see. Seriously this is just my shot in the dark on getting this place moving, and maybe getting a more cohesive Literature community on Weasyl. One can dream! :DD

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    ...I'm in. Might as well ^^

    - - - Updated - - -

    wait! Do Comic Scripts count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMysteriousL View Post
    ...I'm in. Might as well ^^

    - - - Updated - - -

    wait! Do Comic Scripts count?
    On account of me loving to critique comics (sort of my original passion) I'll say yes. I'll always be down to read and critique if it comes down to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by insanejoker View Post
    This sounds fun :)
    Then c'mon, join in. 0:<

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    SOOO is there a rating / genre limitation at all? Or is this a general consistent critique thing?



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