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    [URGENT] Need funds to move

    My small family and I are desperately trying to work things out due to our current situation, and really need the funds to move from the place we're currently at.

    The entire story:
    I am open for commissions, both standard and cheap which prices can be found here: and

    Or if you've a couple bucks you don't mind throwing our way, you can send money to my paypal at I still have yet to work out a donation setup thing, but any funds help.

    Any and all help is appreciated. We're doing all we can right now and hope to make enough money by the end of this month.

    Please contact me via my email ( for more information

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    First off, thanks for forcing me to visit tumblr to figure out what this nonsense is about. As if that vapid website doesn't infiltrate my internet perusal enough already. Secondly, this forum is not your personal panhandling corner. We're here to discuss topics. Since you linked an article and are posting it in the lifestyles forum, I will assume you want us to discuss your lifestyle.

    Who the hell rents the same house for 18 years? This is beyond ridiculous, the money you could have saved up in equity as well as the tax breaks of owning a place would more than offset any additional cost. Furthermore it'd get you away from that landlord. I understand that art comes about through adversity, so if things like "reading job requirements" give you anxiety I can only imagine what actually having a job would do, which probably explains why you're in such dire financial straits. Fortunately the creative juices should start flowing soon. However if you do realize that hard work is probably better than living on the street (which won't happen, you have a mother with a medical condition, you'll qualify for state housing and the taxpayer will prop you up), it might behove you to check out things like job fairs and call up local unions, because the skilled labor gap has only been growing and they're desperate for people.
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    I apologize for this going off topic in advance.

    Have you looked into talking with state/local building or health inspectors? The reason why I ask is because I looked into your tumblr post and the following is what stuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by RileyOMalley_Tumblr
    Another example of his neglect is also the hole that broke through my ceiling, weighed down by damp asbestos that could very well have fallen on me and killed me. There are also accounts of us needing to clean up the brown and black mold that festered around my room as well. This is the biggest stresser on us right now. We want to get out of this place and we need to do it soon.
    If these issues are still present and it's clear that you nor your mother didn't cause it, you may be viable to, by law, withhold your rent until he fixes the problem. In accordance with this, it depends on the laws of the state you're currently residing within. Be cautious before you attempt such actions because if it's really bad, the state may remove you from your own home for your safety. If you really want to try withholding your rent, or even suing your landlord, I'd highly suggest doing your homework. This would be a good place to start, but again, do your research and talk to people before taking action.

    Also: Be sure to follow up what TeenageAngst suggested, especially the tidbit about state housing! And even if it's difficult, go apply for jobs my friend. Right now is the best time to apply because many stores will be hiring for the holidays because everyone's going to go back to school soon. Besides, you've got to do it sooner or later. Now is the best time to overcome your anxieties before you apply for a job which revolves around your passion!

    I wish you the best of luck.
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    Where our situation is at currently, we've temp housing at my uncles which will be getting us out of this place. We're getting most of our belongings into storage until we can figure a proper living situation. This is all that we can do at this point. We're going to try to be out of here by Monday, and anything past that we'll still be looking into, such as housing or anything we can do to potentially use against our landlord for the shitty living he's pretty much caused us. Not to put that terribly NEGATIVE, but you get the gist of it. We've pretty much spoken up on our rights in expressing what has not been done at this place that SHOULD have been, so we'll see where it goes from there.

    Thanks all for any advice given. I was in a bit of a panic to get the word out there and wasn't trying to just 'panhandle' my services, and this seemed like the one place I felt right in posting. Sorry if that was incorrect. I would however appreciate not receiving offhanded comments about my posts or discussing my situation. I do apologize if at first glance my post seemed like what you thought, but that was not the intention. Regardless, this will not stop me from applying to what I can, however with such limited time I am offering what I can in return for any help others might provide, should they wish to.
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    I'd back TeenageAngst's post, definitely - they offer some good advice about job fairs. If instead of spending your time appealing to people online about your situation and looking for a job, well it might not be as dire. Anxiety or not (at even just looking at job requirements) it sounds like you need one to get a stable income right now.

    I was going back through your tumblr and noticed you were in a play recently - if you can find the courage to be in a public performance (and one that sounded like quite a bit of physical work) you can find the courage to apply places.
    I know this is coming across as very blunt but sometimes no matter how much you don't want to or don't like it, getting a job is just the flat up answer, and it sounds like there's no more room for moseying around with how dire your situation has gotten.

    A steady income from a job is better than betting on the random kindness of internet strangers. Some might not be super sympathetic about your situation. Especially since you have cats, which I know you're trying to appeal to people with right, but when you could be out applying for jobs and working and doing more yourself to improve the situation but aren't...well it looks a bit selfish. You say you love those cats so much well shouldn't you be doing everything you can to keep them? I busted my butt at my job to keep mine, and working isn't so awful as it sounds. Sometimes (a lot of times) living off commissions and supporting more than just yourself just won't cut it.



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