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    Hello there, Weasyl!

    Hoo... I'm bad at this introduction thing. But here goes nothing!

    Hi there, Weasyl! I'm Liatai. I've been drawing for years, but only recently heard of Weasyl. So far, I've really been enjoying my time here; the community seems very supportive and friendly. I hope to grow as an artist with you all and have fun doing it! :3

    Let's see, about me. I'm a biology student, a D&D player (and GM), and I can't draw anything scary to save my life. Every time I try it turns out cute. :B

    I enjoy worldbuilding focused on humble daily-living-style topics, and write a lot of slice-of-life moments from fantasy settings. I like to bounce my characters off each other and see what happens. Sometimes I catalogue it in drawings.

    I work mainly with traditional media (pencil, ink, colored pencils), but have been known to make occasional forays into digital coloring. I'm always up for critique, even if I don't mark a piece as "critique requested;" pieces I mark are usually ones where I've tested my artistic limits in some way and especially desire feedback.

    Also, I use far too many smileys. ^^;

    Pleased to meet you!

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    You're bad at introductions? Really? Could've fooled me, heh. Welcome to Weasyl, Liatai. What are you studying within the field of Biology?

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    I'm angling to get into a medical, teaching, or public-health-related field. Pathology has always fascinated me, and I've always had an interest in teaching people how to take care of themselves and showing them more about the wild and wonderful world we live in -- to say nothing about the wild and wonderful world that lives within us! :3

    It's absolutely fascinating, both how robust and how delicate biological systems are. Learning about how they work constantly leads you to wonder how life could even exist, and then in the next moment marvel at how anything could possibly defeat it. There's a deep and powerful beauty to it; sometimes you just have to take a step back, look out at the webs of interactions, relationships, and pathways, and just go ".... wow."

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    Well you certainly don't seem to be lacking in passion, that's good. How far into your studies are you? Seems like you still have a lot of potential paths you could walk down.

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    Undergraduate level. ^^; So yeah... still a way to go and a lot to learn, but the road is wide open. (It's just hard to choose one when all the paths look wonderful! :B But then again, no one ever said the path you set out on is the one you have to stick with for life. There are always unforeseen detours and scenic routes with surprising twists.)

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    A biology student, eh?

    Makes me remember how hilarious cruel nature is (mayflies, octopi, et cetera).

    Sega does what Nintendon't.

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    Ah, but while mayflies have very short adult lives, they play important roles in their ecosystems; their nymphs keep algae levels down, they serve as food for a number of animals, and they make a good indicator species for water quality. (Some species live as nymphs for up to two years before reaching maturity, too; pretty impressive for an insect!)

    Octopi, too, have their advantages; they're highly canny little cephalopods. The hemocyanins in their blood make it easier for them to survive at low temperatures and low oxygen concentrations than creatures with hemoglobin instead (and not to mention it makes their blood bluish, which is cool :B). They can change color to blend into their environments, and the blue-ringed octopus has venom strong enough to kill a man with a bite (and there's currently no antitoxin).

    So yes, nature can seem cruel; but it's certainly not lacking in cool bits to make up for the cruel parts. X3

    Thanks for the welcome!

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    Looks like we have a lot in common! I'm a Psych grad and a budding Pathfinder player. I also love insects, arachnids, and octopi.



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