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    Any Pokemon artists?

    Of course, I draw more than just leafeons and serperiors too, but I'd love to follow any other accounts with pokemon OC's of their own! Doesn't have to be one you draw every other day. <3

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    I draw lots of pokemon fanart (mostly posted on dA, because it's for different groups I'm in).

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    Ooh, something I can actually post to. I've drawn my Luxray OC before, just once although it turned out pretty nicely for my lack of skill~ I do have some Collections art of him too, and more should come in the future + I have others who eventually need uploading.

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    Ohh I made a Pokemon OC or two for PK's RP group thingy on DeviantArt, but never did too much with them. Rylie was a sassy Bulbasaur and her friend was a Heracross who was super nervous and shy and they were super cute. Also Heracross are known to like suck honey from Bulbasaur or something so it was like ohh no gotta resist. @__@ Haha. I don't draw them too much, but I draw Pokemon a lot.

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    I draw a lot of pokemon. They tend to be my go-to thing when I can't come up with anything creative, which is most of the time.

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    i've been drawing more pokeymen because i want to actually make a webcomic for really real you guys i mean it this time. i'm only focused on the gen 1 mons and a variety of trainers/npcs, as well as the world of gen 1 pokeymanz.

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    I love drawing Pokemon! I haven't drawn any in a while, and I don't have any in my Weasyl account (other than the Goldeen gijinka), but I have quite a few old pieces on my tumblr if you're interested:

    By the way, I found your Weasyl page, and your style is really cute!

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    Um... sorta?

    I usually screw around with Gijinkas over actual Pokemon drawings for whatever reason.
    I should probably make a signature.
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    Sup. It's usually all I draw but I do other things from time to time. Heads up, I usually do NSFW stuff.
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