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    Hola, Weasyl ~

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    Howdy, er... what's a good name for ya? Welcome to Weasyl, at any rate. We do have a predominantly furry userbase, though you'll run into a fair amount of non-furs too, so hopefully you're open to all sorts of people! What kind of music are you into?

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    Lo there Muzy, welcome to Weasyl Forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by muzykalscorpio View Post
    Oof... I did it again. Handle wise, I guess, "Muzy" or "Muzyk" is most common. XD

    Real name is Aaron --> Fursona name is Jared --> and furs, non furs, all is good! ^^

    I'm into pretty much anything rock! Progressive rock, punk rock, hard rock, alternative rock, that sort... and metal, too. >=]
    You have my attention.
    You have one link to blow me away with your prog tastes and DT is not allowed since it's so popular.

    Friends of Prog are friends of me, welcome to Weasyl, alternatively known as dustball city



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