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Thread: 'Ello folks!

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    'Ello folks!

    I'm Lynx, though I also go by the name of Chillaaja. You can pretty much call me whatever, but that's what I am known as!

    Well, I am from Europe. I like like video games, ranging from Pokémon to Dragon Age, and learning new languages.

    I'm a digital artist first and foremost, but I also dabble in traditional art from time to time. Mostly in the form of lazy pencil sketches, but somebody has to do those too, right? 'Sides, there's something really nice about messy drawings. Deviantart used to be my main art dumping site, but my account there is currently jam-packed with old art. The site has also lost its charm, so I'm here to start over. May not be the best person to talk to; social interaction is not my forte, but I try to be approachable.
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    Hey there! Welcome to Weasyl!
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