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    in need of a new scanner

    To be specific, I need something that will scan AT MOST a 9x12 colored picture(I use colored pencils BTW).
    I'd prefer a bed scanner because I'm at least pretty sure that's what they put on printers so I'd know what I'm working with, the problem is a: they're kinda pricey for what I'm looking for, and b: I've had touble with both size (looks like the page will fit? HAH NOPE!) and also with getting the page at the right angle (even when I'd put the picture JUST SO!)
    Due to size thing, my parents (my dad, mostly) think I should get a wand scanner, the problems being A: I've never used a scanner, and B: don't know much about it, and C : some of the reviews Ive found aren't encouraging plus I'd prefer It being able to connect with a USB and scan directly to the computer, plus I have this tendency to move the paper on accident (WITH A RULER!) and from what I've seen on pictures and read on reviews, that'd be a problem (the reason being hard for me to explain)(I've actually found something that would probably solve that problem, but its like 25$ and my price limit is 50). Also the ones I saw while looking did not have the SD cards which, while not THAT big a problem (especially since, as I just recently found out, my computer does NOT have anywhere to insert one from what I can see), does still bug me, along with the thing about it needing batteries.
    basically, I just want something that can scan good, in color (cant tell you HOW MUCH I WANT TO SPELL IT COLOUR!), and can FIT a 9x12 (whether or not it can actually scan it isn't that important I've had it not quite scan to the edges I NEED IT TO FIT!!!!). also the max. budget has been raised (by my mom) to 100$ (still don't want it too expensive). also I'm using a windows 7 (refurbished) incase that's important.

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    Before we begin, I need to point an important detail which may/may not affect your future purchase. What I'm about to divulge is based upon my own experience and my friends from years back when we were toying with scanners. Therefore, some information can easily be inaccurate due to how old our knowledge is. Now with that out of the way, lets get down to business!

    Out of the two, I'd suggest grabbing a flatbed scanner over the wand. Flatbed scanners are easier, hassle free devices where you just plop your document onto the glass pane, put down the lid and let the machine do its thing. Of course, I'm sure there's horror stories on the net which say otherwise Moving along, wand scanners (at least the one we played with) relies on a steady hand with an even sweeping motion to get a good image. While it is possible to get better results than a flatbed, I found it incredibly difficult to do as such. With the wand, some images would either come out deformed or parts which were scanned were misaligned because I didn't do an evenly paced/straight scan with my hand. I will say though, the wand scanner was great for copying books and notes for my classes!

    Again, I'd suggest grabbing a flatbed scanner such as this guy on Amazon. But most importantly, ask yourself if you really need a scanner. Oh, and of course, do some research via Google before dedicating your purchase. Hope this helps, good luck on your choice, mate.
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    ^This is actually really helpful, thank you for the info! I'm currently on the lookout for a scanner myself, and I didn't even know there was different kinds of scanners like this.

    Just checked out the link you suggested - just bought! XD Such a good deal, yay~
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    Only get a scanner that shines bright light on whatever you scan, they give whole lot better results from my experience.

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    A quick peek through Newegg tells me the cheapest scanner that would be able to do 9"x12" (actually capable of 11"x17") would be $175. Staying within your price range the largest would be 8.5"x11.7"



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