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    As I see it, I think "thanks for the fav/watch" messages are a way for artists to gain even more exposure: having their icon/message spread out on people's profiles will surely mean much more probability for other users to click on their page, and that's fine for me! That's why I love giving out thank you messages as well as recieving them (and also recieving "no prob, you earned it!" messages): everyone gets free advertising and everyone's happy.

    I also go around saying thank yous to accounts mostly because I want to see who's watching me, what art style and preferences they have, and sometimes I go all fangirly and proudish because someone with way better art than me happens to click "watch" on my page.
    Anyway though, unless I have a huge wave of fav and watches, I try to write a different comment for everyone, and if they have nice art, I do tell them.

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    I actually like it if someone stops by to thank me for a watch or fav, really doesn't happen though. (Specially on Weasyl since I'm a near lurker here.)

    But I always take the time to say thanks (dunno if I'll be able to forever though) and try to mix it up somehow. (So I guess that makes the the weirdo who says 'Thanks for the watch, your cat character is cute btw.')
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    I'm not a fan of "Thanks for the watch!". At best it feels like going through the motions, at worst it's trying to leverage my exposure for their benefit.

    Fortunately I don't watch many people, so I don't receive many such messages.

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    Eh, I personally think thanking for watches is pointless, and thankfully I haven't gotten any yet. I did get a "Thanks for the fave!" comment though, which was kinda awkward for me.

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    I think "Thanks for the favorite!" is definitely the only one that still throws me off, too. Luckily those are rare.

    When someone says thanks for the watch, I just say no problem, hope they keep up the good work, that sort of stuff, because I usually keep my watches for those artists that I truly do enjoy (and even want to learn something from). But "thank you for the favorite" is. . . I don't quite know what to say. With a watch, there's at least the small conversation of hopeful improvement. With favorite, all I can think is, "No problem. I really liked it!" But that's. . . That's why I favorited it. That sort of implied the message. Where do I go from here!?

    I can't get mad at thanks for watches though. I used to be super excited to thank others when I handed them out, so I generally assume the person giving it is in the same boat. I only personally stopped because I became worried I would eventually annoy someone out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deriaz View Post
    With favorite, all I can think is, "No problem. I really liked it!" But that's. . . That's why I favorited it. That sort of implied the message. Where do I go from here!?
    It's a good thing you asked me for my invaluable advice, or you wouldn't know where to go from here.

    1) Go into your dad's side of the closet your parents use
    2) Pick out a good tie. No, not that one, he likes to use that one when on business trips. Pick a less tasteful one. Oh for god's sake, that one's tackier than wood panel siding on a station wagon. Here, take this one before you hurt yourself.
    3) Also take some of his cologne. The good kind, not that cheap stuff he bought last week.
    4) Next time you need to "go somewhere," make sure you have the tie and cologne, lean in close to the monitor while wearing your schmuckiest smile, and ask the content creator, "So...what are you wearing, you hot little scribbler?"

    If you ever need advice so priceless even the Vatican can't afford it on a daily basis, come see me again.
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    I just find them really boring to read through. That's all I get on deviantART is thanks for the fav/watch/whatever. I don't respond to them cause it's just like whatever. If I find something interesting to bring up I will do so to spark a little conversation.

    Sometimes I'll respond to people if they watched me and I try to add a little something to it. I try not to make it sound so predictable I suppose. On Weasyl recently I've been seeing some good work so I feel the need to watch them and give them a comment like "Hey, you have nice work, keep it up!"

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    I don't bother. Unless I am genuinely interested, grateful and wish to know why. Such as when another artist ten times better and more popular than me gives a watch.

    But in those cases, it's pretty genuine gratitude and I make sure to convey it as such.
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    I don't thank people for watches, but I do always take a look at their gallery. So maybe they'll get a comment or favorite out of the deal.

    I've always found it a little odd when people have a policy of "watching back" everyone who watches them. Seems like they're just inconveniencing themselves with inbox clutter if the person they've watched doesn't upload anything they're interested in. But I dunno, I tend to be a bit stingy with the watches and favorites.

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    These kind of messages to me is like when people respond to text messages by just saying "k" or "lol". Its pretty much a waste of time for me since they get deleted and it they take it as if they are obliged to do so. Its cool they are grateful for the interaction, but showing a copypastable message like that seems unappreciated.

    You could probably write a script to do this for every favorite and watch. I also really hate it when they tell you to "fave the rest of my work" after liking a single picture. The messages are spam and should be generally treated as such.



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