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    I don't consider myself a furry at all, because there is a lot more to being one than simply being interested in or drawing furry art, and I don't fulfill any of those criteria.

    I've gradually mellowed out about fursuiting - it no longer bothers me, partially because fursuit quality has been rising considerably in the last ten years and partially because I regularly question my negative feelings - but it's never been something I'm even remotely interested in.

    "Furry culture" repels me, and I it; we've had our rows and now generally go our separate ways, giving half-hearted waves in passing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muzykalscorpio View Post
    Is this necessarily a furry thing? I don't press topics with anyone who is disinterested in them. Surely, this isn't furry exclusive?
    I wouldn't say that that trait is furry-exclusive. Everyone, regardless of fandom, displays their fandom differently. Some are intensely focused on it and only it, and display their fandom very publicly. They get annoyed when others don't share their passion, and may shun anyone who doesn't like the same things they do, or doesn't like it as much as they do. Others keep their fandoms mostly private, are embarrassed by more outspoken fans, won't discuss them in public, and won't put them on their computer wallpapers if they know others will see it. I'm somewhere in the middle of these two, myself. I tend to not display fandoms openly if they're not relevant to the conversation, or if I know the person doesn't care.

    Having a fondness for nature and pets is also something that's more universal. Furries, people who are vehemently anti-furry, and people who have never even heard of furries all express.

    Fursonas, purring, and mewing are all more specifically furry, but I can see situations where non-furries would do it too. I mentioned before that I didn't really consider myself a furry at all. But I've considered having a fursona. I've periodically drawn pictures of myself and posted them publicly, but it took a very long time to be comfortable with that. I like my anonymity, and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of my own appearance, so to create a character that represents me, I would prefer that.

    When I first got on the internet on a regular basis, mewing was more of a thing done by people who wanted to be sexy, human-save-for-ears-and-a-tail anime catgirls, or people who just wanted a flirty persona in general.

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    @muzykalscorpio I have no idea how to tag ppl And I didn't want to quote his complete post!

    Pretty much what he said!

    I'm not into fur suiting YET, I do like the fursuits, I am NOT a hugger. But that's just who I am! But I would rlly love to have a fursuit for my own someday ^__^

    I do make an occasional "puuuuh" but just because I think its cute or idk just for fun cause it fits my fursona and like the sound of it! I do not RP btw. I prefer to be my regular self and interact with ppl in our own regular self, its just not my thing :3

    I do put furry pictures on my walls or computer desktop! I used to be an anime fan at home and had my walls full of them, and now I live on my own and have replaced the anime stuff with original art work bought from the eufofurence art room ^__^

    I feel somewhat out of place EVERYWHERE. Like muzykalscorpio I have this with strangers in general, or groups and such. But once I am used to the "event or person" I am a pretty social and a hyper person, just very introverted until I get triggered!

    I identify with humans, because well dohh I am human ^_^ I just love animals too ♥ (not in a weird way )

    I'm not strongly spiritually connected to animals or nature neither, but I don't feel spiritually connected to anything. That's just not my thing! Its a sub culture :3

    I don't spoil my pet cat, cause I don't have one I do have a parrot and a water turtle ^_^ And love to get a dog soon(ish)

    Push topics on people who are uninterested has nothing to do with being a furry

    "But the fandom? I wish to share my feelings and expressions with others, but this fandom... it is hard to fit into"
    I do to, but thats just me and pretty much just everything muzykalscorpio said ^_^ And I don't consider it jerky. People are people and I see them as who they are and not what they are into. Being a furry doesn't say anything about the person, only that they have affinity with animals. I also just find it hard to communicate or meet people online :O

    As some already mentioned, there are no rules of being a furry. Do you like animal related stuff, and do you consider yourself a furry, then you are! But for some reason I don't get people who draw non stop furry art and are active in the fandom, and explicitly say "I am not a furry" that's just denial and nothing to be ashamed about. Being a furry doesn't mean you wear a fursuit, do naughty stuff or feel connected to a animal.

    Ahhwell ^_^



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