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    I love having an aquarium. Right now I only have one and it contains a female betta who's name is Spaz which I raised from a fry. She is absolutely love though with her near black body and deep deep blue fins. I have been waiting for the tank to finish cycling since it contains live plants and I finally got the algae bloom taken care of so I can turn it back into a tetra tank.

    I eventually want to get my 10gal up and running again which I will probably turn back into a fancy goldfish tank with either Orandas or Black Moor.

    I do have this character of mine, not quite fish but he is based on a Betta I used to own, Lancelot

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    I really want to have a fish tank of my own someday. My favorite tank fishies are neon tetra and piranhas.

    As for eating fish, I love to try new kinds. If it's on the menu and I never had it, you can guess that's what will be on my order. Raw fish is a new thing I've tried and is surprisingly delicious despite not being cooked.



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