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    Wolven-Sister - Fantasy Illustration & Comic Art Commissions OPEN!


    I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator and comic artist, I also offer 2D graphical chatland services. I've done artwork for personal comics/commissions, 2D Chatland websites, and even done a couple book covers. My main subjects are animals with fantasy flavor, however I'm comfortable with humans/humanoids/anthros/ferals/and animals of nearly any species. Dragons and original species are also welcome!!
    I only do digital commissions, but I'm more than willing to ship physical copies of commissions. I'm familiar with Gimp, Sai, Photoshop CS5, and Manga Studio.

    This means I make:
    • Headshots
    • Sketches

    • Inks
    • Illustrations
    • Ref Sheets

    • Custom Poses
    • Custom Rooms

    • Sample Comic Pages
    • Hexacolor/Tricolor pose sets
    • Chatland Homepages

    I'm a very versatile artist, I can do both digital and traditional works with the styles of:
    1. Semi-Realism
    2. Chibi
    3. Cell-Shade
    4. Manga

    All my information can be found on my website, including order forms to make the commissioning process easy :)
    Payment is through Paypal, but right now I have a special deal going on~20% off a commission's price if it's for your birthday! :D

    If you have any questions, concerns, comments please feel free to contact me :3
    I look forward to working with you <3
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    still open.
    20% deal is still being offered :)
    Deal is no longer in effect.
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    It won't let me edit on the Thread's title for some reason?? But simply updating that all my commissions are CLOSED until January 2015!
    Currently moving and won't receive my art supplies until the end of the year. Hoping to get them sooner, but I'm not holding my breath. See you guys in 2015!!!

    **I'll still be around on the internet, interacting, networking, and keeping updates. However no art will be made until 2015. Thanks for understanding**

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