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    Area 51 for the SNES. Freaking touhou but with planes/spaceships. It has its seconds of peace when all of a sudden is all like PEW PEW PEW PEW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battlechili1 View Post
    I'm having trouble finding the .hack// games. I really wanna play em', but they're so hard to find.
    I at least managed to get a hold of .hack//GU Volume 3.
    eBay is where I got mine, but that was years ago. I don't know how available they are now. But I would think the GU games would be easier, since they're more recent.
    I know that the first three games of the original series were much cheaper than QUARANTINE. I shelled out a lot of money for QUARANTINE. Well, 30 bucks for a used game, I feel is a bit much, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine View Post
    I'm really getting back into TF2 again. I've been having too much fun blasting people around with the scout's stock weapons.
    Damn near nothing beats the stock weapons. I need to get back into the swing of playing it again myself. I pretty much dropped the game when work picked up over the holidays.

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    Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness right now. i've loved the Disgaea series since it first came out <3

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    So for shits and giggles I bought the new One Piece game that came out for the 3DS.

    Good lord. This game is awful. I can't help but laugh at how poorly this game was put together. I get that it's an RPG and you gotta have cut scenes and such, but by golly do the cut scenes just drone on. They aren't interesting, they progress slow as hell that I literally had to put the 3DS on the counter while all the text progressed (theres an autoplay button, which is nice. But doesnt scroll the text as much as I would like).

    The actual gameplay isnt very interesting yet either, but I kinda like it. Though it's pretty flawed with how piss easy the bosses and the enemies are to beat up on. I didn't even have to grind a lot to just...well, destroy everyone in one go around.

    Overall, it's a poor RPG that uses the One Piece license pretty ok, but does an awful job at making a game out of it. I'd totally would stick to the other games that came out on the ps3. WAY better quality.

    Also one of my gripes is that they didnt get the Funimation dub guys to do the voices for the characters, which isnt a big deal. I just like the Funimation cast (though I know a lot of people don't like Luffy's voice. Which is ok, I can understand why).

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    I'm playing the fun games of:
    Warcraft 3, Star Craft 2 and Minecraft.

    However there are lots of games I do want to play in the line up, which includes:
    All the games on my Playstation 3 (lots of free games I got there, including Bioshock infinity, Deus Ex human Revolution, Borderlands 2, Little Big Planet 2, Little Big Planet Racing and Dogma, I'm sure theres a lot more, I have checked what games were on there in a long time.)

    The games on my Steam, like: Age of Empires 2, Bastion, Battlefield 3 (haha just kidding), Braid, Champions Online: Free for All, Dead Space 3, Defiance, Dofus 2, Dota 2, and pretty sure Thief: Deadly Shoadws, Trine 2, Torchlight 2 and Star bound.

    The games on my Origin account (not going through the list)

    The Nintendo 64 and Nintendo SNES, and Nintendo Gamecube emulators

    and finally System shock 2.

    But mostly I'm messing around Warcraft 3 / Star Craft 2!! Fun fun!

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    I just picked up Dangan Ronpa today along with a PS Vita. So far I'm pretty satisfied with both and think the Vita is a major step up from the PSP in terms of just functionality. Kind of wish I could have gotten a completely new system though but the white ones were limited edition only

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    Mass effect !
    It's been a while since I last played
    I bought it today and as soon as im done im buying the other two.

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    76 hours so far!

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    I've just finished Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, which I got for free with the Miiverse promotion thing. And I want to get back to One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP. I got stuck in the ice island and I got lazy with all the farming and opening paths.



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